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Minigynon should be taken the exact day your menstrational cycle beginnings. The question i need to ask is, will one gain weight while using minigynon???
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Can you take Dexedrine after taking Oxycontin?

Yes u can. I usually prefer to take dex then oxy but u can do it either way. My doc said there's no harm in it, unless ur taking huge amounts of both. It's great to take toget

Can minigynon make you more fertile?

No, Minigynon is a combined oral contraceptive. It may be used to lighten heavy periods, control symptoms of endometriosis or as birth control (among other things), but it is

When taking lyrica can you take diazepam?

You may take Lyrica with Diazepam, so long as you take both according to the dosage that your physician recommended. It should be noted, however, that both drugs act on the GA

What is Minigynon?

Minigynon is a form of birth control. It is an oral contraceptive  that is used to prevent unwanted pregnancies. Side effects of  Mingynon are similar to other birth control

Can you take Oxycontin after taking subutex?

The Body:    In your body you have what are called opiate receptors. There is  more than one kind, too (kappa receptor, mu receptor). Normally,  your body makes chemi
Can you take NyQuil if taking Adderall?

Can you take NyQuil if taking Adderall?

Yes you can because it does not have the same ingredient that Tylenol cold does, which acts as a stimulant. I asked my primary care doctor and he said NyQuil PM. is OK while p

How long does it take to take a shower?

well the regellor time is 15 min Answers tend to indicate that few have ever attended "Boot Camp" where the protocol is somewhat different. From "Reveille" to marching formati
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Does taking a picture take your soul?

No. Never. Never believe that is true. It's not true. Whoever told you that is lying. There is no possible thing on Earth that could take your soul.