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When to take minigynon?

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Minigynon should be taken the exact day your menstrational cycle beginnings. The question i need to ask is, will one gain weight while using minigynon???
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Can i gain weight form taking minigynon?

  I'm 41 years and would like to try to get pregnant. This would be my first child if successful. If I get off the pill (minigynon) will I spot in between and how soon can

What is Minigynon?

Minigynon is a form of birth control. It is an oral contraceptive  that is used to prevent unwanted pregnancies. Side effects of  Mingynon are similar to other birth control

Does minigynon help to enhance pregnancy?

Yes. The above mentioned tablets contains combined Estrogen and Progesterone contraceptive. If you go to your Doctor, she will give to 2 months course of these tablets to "Sup