When turning your 1 handle tub and shower faucet on past the cold setting towards the hot faucet makes very loud vibrating noises and shuts off water flow it is a baypointe brand?

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It sounds like there is air and/or dirt in the lines, I suggest calling a plumber.
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What would be the cause of no flow of hot water to the shower via the head and faucet when cold water flows to the faucet?

Answer It could be a blocked pipe or a damaged valve. Do you get hot water in other areas of the house? If not, check the valve on the water heater. If other parts of the hou

Why do your kitchen sink faucets make noise when hot or cold water is turned on?

by Faucetman886 . Maybe it's the cold weather or the fact that so many people are out of work and have time on their hands to listen for it but it seems this weeks discuss

Your shower pours hot water out of the faucet even when off and turned to cold with the knob Any ideas on what this could be?

You don't say whether you are referring to a single handed mixer or an individual faucet. If a mixer then the o rings inside have probably worn away and need to be replaced. I

Why is my hot water faucet in bathroom have a loud squeal when I turn it on?

Your most likely cause and the easiest and cheapest to repair is probably related to a bad washer or O ring on the washer cartridge stem. This is how I fixed the problem in my
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What causes water to flow from a turned off tub faucet?

The handles you twist to turn on the water are connected to valves. Those valves have hard rubber washers which seal them shut. Those washers wear out. They are easy to replac
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How do you increase hot water flow in your tub faucet?

Of course, by turning the hot water faucet to the direction where the flow of hot water increases, with no specific direction depending on the style of the knob or faucet, but