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When was PVC pipe first used for plumbing?

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Can you use PVC pipe for propane plumbing?

NO !!!! Must be Galvanized pipe with threaded fittings or Copper piping with flare fittings. If there ever was a fire, the PVC pipe would burn & burst allowing the propane gas

What is orange PVC pipe used for?

  It is used for some fire suppression system sprinkler pipes. I have only seen that once though and it was an apartment complex. I think anything beyond residential is do

What metal is used to make plumbing pipes?

In the last few decades, most plumbing in the UK has been installed with copper pipes. The word 'plumbing' comes from the Latin 'plumbum', meaning lead, which is what the Roma

Can you use plumbing PVC for electrical wiring?

  No you shouldn't. It will fail inspection. Use electrical (grey) conduit. It is about the same price and has the proper electrical insulating properties required. The th

What element is used to make plumbing pipes?

Copper pipes are now most commonly used in plumbing. Lead pipes were used long ago, and the word plumbing is derived from the Latin word for lead (plumbum). Iron pipes were us

Is PVC pipe recommended for hot water plumbing?

No, certainly not. PVC pipes can only take a certain tempreature and in most cases cannot withstand tempreatures above 60 degrees celcius. if a thermostat fails in a geyser an

What is the use of PVC pipe?

  it has many uses such as drain lines, hot and cold water in residential and commercial buildings. there are also numerous applications in the industrial field as well.pv

Can you use PVC pipe as PVC conduit?

Yes, you can physically, but I'm sure by-laws may forbid it in some areas.
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What is the use of clear PVC pipe?

Clear PVC pipes are typically used in bathrooms and toilets so that blockages can be found easier. The PVC material also offers exceptional corrosion resistance and has a smoo