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The kite was invented in the times of ancient China, around 1000 BC, when the Chinese soldiers flew kites to warn fellow soldiers, and the rest of the country, that enemies were coming to attack them.
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Why were kites invented?

because han hsin the person that invented the kite invented it for  the war to keep the evil spirits away

When did the Chinese invent the kite?

Kites were invented by the Chinese people over 2000 years ago. About in the 12th century, Chinese kites spread to the West which let to Oriental and Western kite culture formi

Why were ancient Chinese kites invented?

Chinese kites were invented to send messages, carry loads in war, execute prisoners by tying them to a kite, as leisure for the people and to drop leaflets taunting the enemy

What Chinese dynasty invented kites?

The first kite was made in China by Mo Di [468-376BC], during the Zhou Dynasty. The first kites to be made from bamboo and silk appeared during the tang Dynasty 618-907BC.

What is kiting?

  Kiting in RPGs is a process of keeping a monster (mob) at a distance so they can't do damage to you while you (the character) damage it. In WoW the character classes mos

Is a kite a parallelogram?

No. A kite is a quadrilateral that has two pairs of adjacent equal  sides (upper/lower).    In a parallelogram, the opposite sides are equal in length. A kite  can be

Who invented the sled kite?

William Allison in the 1950's but wasn't patenet until 1954. In 1954 Frank Scott modified it by adding teo vents (holes) for stability.

Is a parallelogram a kite?

  No, a parallelogram is not a kite. The parallelogram has two sets of parallel sides. The kite has no parallel sides. That's a disqualifier.

Where were kites invented?

china The earliest known kite was from 2300 B.C. they were invented in China No one can tell for sure where the first kite was made.   The is no doubt that the kite origin

How and why were kites invented?

Initially they were used to measure wind and weather conditions. People saw the fun of flying kites so they became popluar for fun. some kites were also used for fishing, too!

Why does a kite have a tail?

So that it can fly better  the tail helps the kite balance better as well

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Who invented the kite?

The kite comes to us from the Chinese. They were flying them some 2800 years ago. A link can be found below. The kite was invented in China by Mozi and Lu Ban
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What is a kite?

Answer:in addition to the child's toy named kite, there is a bird named the 'kite.' Kites are mostly carrion eaters (already dead bodies like buzzards and crows) but sometim

Why did they invent kites?

They made kites so in thunder storms we can put a key on the end and electricute ourselves.   No one really knows Why the kite was invented as we don't know when the first