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The Tower of Babel has different years it is given. Because the Great Pyramid shaft aims at Thuban in 2170bc many claimed that the Babylon that exists in Egypt is the one Nimrod lived at to build the Great Pyramid. Josephus gives Abram a birth of 2169bc by associating him with it, and his grandson Jacob Israel with Marduk Street of 2009bc. The Tower in Babylon Mesopotamia existed in 2009bc because Marduk Street is aimed at the Tower, not at Marduk Temple.
If you are at the gate, you see the tower over the Marduk temple courtyard wall, and if you are on the Tower you see down the street out the gate. Thus the argument is between Jan 6 sunset solstice and July 10 sunrise solstice. But the argument also includes Thoth 1 which was Jan 8 in 2009bc, and Jan 7 the next 2 years. Likewise, Pamenot (Egyptian July 6 or Persian July 11). I find it to be Noah's 360-day new year (966) on July 8.
Babel was built in 2240bc on Nov 18, it is 130 years of Mars in a span of 128 years (10x 13 year Mars = 13 decades) from 2368bc Oct 1, Noah's 360-day calendar year 602 to year 732.
It cannot be said that the tower was first to be built on that date in 2240bc, yet often they later became the first foundation of any city. Just as in America building the stone or brick church was first.
Affiliations with the tower is the kingship of Babylon which began in 1894bc. This is 476 years after the Flood (2370bc). However, it can be a lunar 475 years as in 19x 25 year egyptian (304m each), or 25x 19 year (235m each). Christian Hippolytus uses these 476 years as Flood 3258bc to calendar 2782bc July 20 Thoth 1. The reason is because the Great Pyramid shaft cannot keep a star in precession for 100 years as expected. it failed in 92 years three times. Ground chamber 2170-2078bc... and Ur then boasted 3600 new moons in 291 years (2369-2078bc, Flood to birth of Haran). then 2nd chamber mislabeled as Queens is 92 years 2078-1986bc, it failed so the Pharaoh let the 11th dynasty kings in, and the leader decided to take full power by noting Saturn orbited 13 times since the Flood. Thus the reborn Pharaoh celebrated the reborn Saturn in Capricorn of 1986bc and the dynasty ruled 43 years. Then the 3rd chamber failed in 1894bc and the Great Pyramid got the label as the tower of Babel because 1894bc is Babylon's first king. It had no sole king from 2240-1894bc.
And Nimrod had moved to Egypt after building Nineveh in 2060bc. It was built after Marduk Temple in Babel whose Marduk calendar of 52 years was procalimed in 2009bc.
Thos who said the Great Pyramid was the tower of Babel built 300 years before the Flood developed from those who said the Pyramid survived the Flood (Hippolytus 3258bc) while Greeks said the Flood did not come until 2958bc because they use Kayak 25 as Dec 25. Truth is the reason the pyramid has perfect stones is because the outside granite was removed to build Cairo when Moslems said the year 6000 had arrived in 622AD so that t he tower was no longer needed to predict the end. When it was removed, it uncovered the ingenius method to build the inside with limestone so that the cracks melt together with water. This is why they look as to be cut perfect. BUT truth is that when the continents were baptized in ocean salt water, the limestone would have dissolved, and so when Armageddon sinks us again, they will not survive it. Peleg Mesanipada (Huang Di) founded the city of Ur with his own tower in 2239bc because he disagreed with the observation of the sun as a day or a year with Narmer (Nimrod). The first human king of the world was his son Reu Aanipada (Reu The Great = Yu The Great) who was anointed in 2207bc on Feb 28 to rule the new year 765 on May 29. His rule was 80 years. He lived another 97 years to see his father Peleg die which ended Ur's kings, but this sudden cut off of 700 years to longevity also ended all kings everywhere, and the kings are labeled as monkeys. Sar is a calendar (ruler or Leader) and has come to mean king of kings or emperor, while in the Japanese calendar and Mayan tradition it means monkeys becaus ethe kings scattered in fear and confusion like monkeys. Peleg died in the year of the sheep (innocent deaths regarded as taken by God via fast aging), and the 360-day new year begins Nov 1 ALL SAINTS YEAR as it also returns for Babylon in 1894bc as Nov 2 all souls day.
137 Julian = 139x 360 days from Noah's 944 to 1083.
The 83-year Jupiter Marduk is not the same armageddon countdown as the 52-year Mars calendar. Obama is about to be told by God thru world astronomers the day and hour the asteroid will strike... your beliefs and insane behavior will be the greater armageddon than the impact which has only one way of surviving and it isnt die and go to heaven.
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