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What is a website for twilight movie updates?

Links are at the bottom of the page.   I use Twilighters Org. It shows news about all the actors, the movie and the books. The home page shows the latest news, but you can

When was your last update?

My last update was actually just a few seconds ago when I was answering another question about Wikianswers. I am the current premier answerer of April and love answering quest

Where do you find the last time a website was updated?

Often at the bottom of the page. Also some times the administrators add this to a own page whitin that site. Do not expect to find this on all sites.

When did Google maps update last update?

Google map has made last imagery update on 14th may 2012. There is not any fix time or day to take Google map image but it updates within 2-4 weeks. Sometimes, it takes more t

How do you check when a website was last updated?

In general, there is no way to know when something on another site has been changed. If the site offers an RSS feed, you should try that. If the site does not offer an RSS fee