When were the Ten Commandments written?

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The Ten Commandments (Exodus ch.20) were inscribed by God on the two Stone Tablets (Ex.31:18, 32:15-16, and 34:1). According to traditional chronology, this was in 1312 BCE.
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  • 1513 BC was the approximate date of the Exodus from Egypt. So the Ten Commandments were given to Moses shortly after that, and probably in the same year.
  • The Ten Commandments were given in 1445 B.C., according to the New Living Translation Study Bible .
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In which book are the Jewish ten commandments written in?

In both Exodus and Deuteronomy Point of Consideration : The Law of God which is summarized in the 10 Commandments, is just that God's Law and no humans. In Exodus/Deut

What year were the ten commandments written?

We don't know the exact year the Ten Commandments were received. However, many biblical scholars and historians estimate it around 1270 BCE. Some others estimate it to be olde

Were the ten commandments written in hierogyphis?

Unfortunately, there is no way to determine that with 100% certainty. It is most likely that the entire law which was recorded first by Moshe (Moses) was written in what we no

What kind of stone were the Ten Commandment written on?

The Bible does not say what type of stone was used. As it is reported that over ninety per cent of scholars do not believe that there was an Exodus from Egypt as described in

Why were the ten commandments written on two tables of stone?

The question could be read two different ways. Why Stone? In those days it was written on clay tablets , so it could be preserved. The tablets of stone were the only th
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How was the Ten Commandments written?

The Ten Commandments were written by God himself. Moses was told to receive them on Mount Sinai during their way to the Promised Land.
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For whom were the Ten Commandments written?

The Royal Law of God, which contains His Commands may be summed up in one word: Love. God gave His codified Law to Moses and the House of Israel to be an example for all of m
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Were the Ten Commandments originally written on paper?

A: Biblical tradition says that the Ten Commandments were written ontostone by Moses, and that he then wrote the Books of Exodus andDeuteronomy, in which he also wrote the Te