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When will it effect me I accidentally drank water that's been in my room for months because it looked exactly the same as my new one what is going to happen?

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Most likely nothing will happen.
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Can you drink the same water that a dinosaur drank and if so how?

It is possible. The water cycle is continuous, so we could bedrinking the same water that dinosaurs drank, Cleopatra bathed inor a mouse drowned in. Luckily, water is naturall

What shall you do if you drank Clorox accidentally?

drink some milk and if not available then drink some water , make  sure to try to scatch out all colox and if you accidentally drink  to much go to a emergency room quick .

What happens if your dog accidentally drank some milk?

Nothing that bad. It will probably just vomit or have diarrohea Dogs, like all animals, drank milk in the beginning of their lives. All that will happen is this, "the dog won

What do coast guards do exactly And what's the job where you jump out of helicopters into open ocean to save people Because that's what I wannado but I don't know if that's the same as coast guard?

You probably want to join the Air Force and be a Paratrooper. The Coast Gurad catches drug smugglers, aliens and other bad guys while protecting our shores.   **Edit**  
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Is it dangerous to accidentally take a sip of coke through a straw when a smoker drank out of it because my mom smokes?

No. There would be a minimal amount of tobacco product on a straw. The danger in sharing from someone else's straw (or utensils, or needles) is that one could contract a commu
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How does buster bladers effect work exactly opponents graveyard AND field OR you pick one because it says gets powered up for each dragon in opponents graveyard OR field?

A dragon monster cannot occupy both graveyard and field at the same time. That is why the 'or' is being used. It is not being used in an exclusionary sense. Think of them like