When you cut down trees is it killing people?

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No. The cutting of trees can be a problem if the trees are over harvested. The cutting of trees in a managed environment though promotes additional tree growth and reduces rotting (thereby reducing output of CO2).

Selective clearing of some areas also increases agriculture space and thereby the food supply (helping people survive). North America, for example, has more trees today then 100 years ago. The forest areas we do have also contain more board feet per acre, of standing timber, because we have learned to manage the proper harvesting of trees.

The problem that sometimes erupts, is the clear cutting or burning of some rainforest areas. This can become problematic, but the countries that allow this view the issue as a needed move to prevent the loss of human life. They would strongly disagree that these actions cost lives. They would contend that they are saving lives.

Trees are certainly a valuable carbon sink, but just because they are cut down does not mean that the carbon is returning to our atmosphere. A board inside of a structure is just as much a carbon sink as the tree was, PLUS a new tree is able to replace the one removed.

Trees that die also cause CO2 to return to the atmosphere, in a method similar to burning. A rotting tree produces roughly the same CO2 as a burnt tree.

Keeping trees healthy and alive is a great idea for many reasons though. They help cool the planet (with the release of water vapor) and are awesome to view.
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Can tree roots be killed after the tree is cut down?

Yes, but prepare for a war. Some trees fight harder to live than others. We cut down our windbreakers because their roots spread out 3 acres and were forcing the sprinker system to raise out of the ground - so our underground sprinkers each looked like they were on a little hill. After they were cut (MORE)

What can you do about people cutting down trees?

boycott or kill them If they are doing so legally on their own land, or at the behest of the land owner you can do nothing and kindly please keep your lips closed. If they are doing so illegally on protected land, contact your Natural Resources people.

Why do people cut down trees in the rainforest?

Trees in the rainforest are being cut to market the lumber and to clear the land. Those are the two primary reasons. This activity destroys the ecosystem; it transorms into something else. The largest portion of the animals and the plants that lived there and made up that complex web of life will be (MORE)

Why should trees be cut down?

Trees should not be cut down. See, trees let off oxygen for us to breathe, so we need them to breathe. People cut down trees to build buildings and destroy forests to make space for building places. So it's a bad thing to cut down trees.

How does cutting down trees effect people?

People can be annoyed by the sounds. Also, it damages the landscape and makes erosion happen faster. Plants produce oxygen as a waste product, but we need oxygen. If we cut down the trees we will take our oxygen supply away.

Should you cut down trees?

Not so many trees should be cut down because it takes away animals habitat's, there homes, were they and there family live. Although some may need to be cut down for resources we use like paper and card that we write on or are made into books, but we should be careful how many trees are being cut do (MORE)

How does the cutting down of trees affect rainforest animals and people?

It affects the animals because the rainforest animals lose their homes and people need trees because trees give oxygen. The animals decrease rapidly because there is no shelter, and some animals can only adapt to the rainforest, so there won't be another home for them. Cutting down trees affect peop (MORE)

How could you kill a pear tree with out cutting it down?

drill holes in the base of the tree and pour glyphosate weed killer into the holes, this will be absorbed into the cambiam and kill the tree. For less vigourus trees you could also ring bark the tree by removing a ring of bark at the base of the trunk this will kill the tree

How can you stop people from cutting down trees?

Invent a cheap, renewable alternative to wood and paper would be one way. Another would be to get loads of signatures and send it to the government, maybe the money grabbing pricks could do their job for once. ya maybe for once in thier life they could do what the people wanted and not what t (MORE)

What do you call people who cut down trees?

Professionals who cut down trees are called loggers. These are the people who chop wood for timber. Other people include tree-trimming experts who trim the trees by cutting parts of it. Some are just ordinary people who chop down trees in their backyard because it is falling.

Do people cut down eucalyptus trees?

All types of trees get cut down for some reasons in various parts of the world. The practice of commercial logging of natural virtually non-existent in Australia and the rest of the world, however, in Thailand, it was common until very recently for Eucalyptus logging to occur off commercial plantati (MORE)

What happens when people cut down rainforest trees?

Trees produce oxygen for the earth and clean the earth's air. Plants take in CO2 and make O2. . Now, when you cut down trees you: . Decrease the amount of O2 in the world . Increase greenhouse gases CO2 . Decrease places where the animals of the rainforest used to live . Increase animal and p (MORE)

How do people feel when they cut down tree?

For some people, if they we're the ones who cut down the trees, it's like they do not care at all. Maybe it'll be just because of they're job or they were thinking what's gonna be the use of the tree that they cut.

Do people cut down trees for no reason?

Of course not! Every action has a reason behind it even if sometimes it's just "because I felt like it". Personally, I've cut down trees in the past because it's fun!

Are people happy when they cut down trees?

The person who cuts it is usually happy because he is going to earn money out of it. Only conservationists and nature lovers are unhappy because of logging and deforestation.

Do you have to stop cutting down trees?

Yes, were killing wildlife (The above answer is not mine). Sometimes you have to when the trees are overshadowing the house. I felt the same way when we moved in 15 years ago; now we may have to spend $10,000 plus because our roof is now leaking due to the trees shading the house.

How do you sue people who cut down trees?

Contact a local lawyer for assistance with this. The lawyer will also be able to tell you if you have standing to sue; you can't normally sue someone for cutting down trees on their own property.

Why did you say that if you cut down trees it is killing three people?

A possible interpretation of your statement "If you cut down trees it is killing three people" might be: Cutting down trees releases carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. The tree can no longer absorb and store carbon. The enhanced greenhouse effect is causing global warming which is causing climate c (MORE)

What are people doing that is causing trees getting cut down?

Well, You see... Most wood-cutters some times do it for money (which means making it an item then selling it) and some just do it for making something for themself or survial. People are trying to convice wood-cutters but its not enough to make them nature-like...

Did people cut down trees in tewkesbury UK?

yes people dont care about the enviroment they think they can harm animals cut down tress but if we work togethere we can stop pollutio and global warming and save animals.

Why did people start cutting down sequoia trees?

Sequoia trees are very large and they contain a huge quantity of very good quality lumber, which can be used to build houses, or furniture, or many other useful things. People naturally wanted to make use of this valuable resource.