When you restore an iPod on a Windows from a Mac does it erase the music that is already on the iPod?

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When you restore an iPod it will wipe all data saved on it.
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How do you erase music from an old iPod?

By connecting the iPod to a computer, the songs can be deleted via iTunes. However, if the user wants to completely wipe the iPod, it should be connect to a computer. The u

How do you erase music from your iPod Nano?

You cannot erase music directly from your iPod Nano. You must plug it in to your computer, open up iTunes (Note: The following information has only been verified for iTunes ve

How do you erase music from my ipod touch?

Directly from iPod Touch: Go to the movies section, and then tap and hold the movie(s) you want to delete. Slide your finger to the right and a delete button should appear on
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When you restore an iPod touch will it erase your bookmarks?

It depends on what type of restoration you are preforming on your iPod touch. It you are resetting the network then yes all your tabs and bookmarks get erased. If you are rese
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Will everything erase on iTunes if you restore your ipod?

yes ANS2: My iPod just was replaced. I restored from iTunes and everything but for a few pass-worded settings were restored to the same as the old one. If you mean that y

How do you erase music from an iPod shuffle?

You have to delete music from an iPod through iTunes. Plug your iPod into your computer/laptop using the USB cable. Open iTunes and your iPod will appear on the left hand s