Where and when was the highest rainfall ever recorded?

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Puerto Lopez de Micay, a small town near the coastline of western Colombia, may be a new contender for the wettest inhabited place in the world. Between April 1960 and February 2012, an average annual rainfall of just over 507 inches has been recorded at the weather observation station here, including an astonishing 937 inches of rain in 1984. (Its driest year, 1980, brought "just" 243.9 inches - roughly 4 times what the wettest cities in the U.S. receive.) Precipitation in Puerto Lopez de Micay is also amazingly consistent. Some years (like 1984 and 1985) have seen measurable rainfall on all but about 10 to 15 days throughout the year.
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What was the highest share price ever recorded?

high stock price . Berkshire Hathaway has never had a stock split and today the price is $109,000 per share but I know it has traded as high as $175,000 per share.. Improved answer;. Vana Blue (VBLU) reached as high as $206,249/share in September of 2000.

What is the highest temperature ever recorded in Iraq?

The response to this question is simple and complicated. I likemany other people have seen thermometers displaying absurdly highreadings right here in Iraq. The problem is that the measuringsystem used is grossly inaccurate. Most thermometers are Bimetallicstrips, which are hit and miss at best. Second comes the alcoholthermometer, which suffers from thermal radiation and thus displaysmuch higher temperatures in sunlight. Some people would say theyhave seen highs up to and over 145 degrees Fahrenheit. Which isamazing considering the widely accepted highest temperature everwent to Death Valley, California with 134 in 1913. In order to getan accurate reading either a complex system of computer sensors isrequired, or an extremely difficult equation involving exactmeasurements of water evaporation. Either way you get the mostaccurate temperatures by simply checking websites like weather.com.All that said. The short answer - 122 degrees Fahrenheit. With asummer average high of around 110.

What is the highest score ever recorded in soccer?

Answer . Arbroath FC beat Aberdeen Bon Accord 36 - 0 in a Scottish Cup tie in the late 1890s. Confirmation can be had of this if you contact Arbroath FC, at Gayfield Park, Arbroath, Scotland

What is the Highest temperature and humidity ever recorded?

\n . \n Answer \n. \n . It's 78C of heat index recorded at Dharhan Saudi Arabia in 2000 with a 41C and over 70% humidity rate.

What is the highest temperature ever recorded in Mexico?

Mexicali (32°39'48N 115°28'04W), in the state of Baja California, measured the record temperature of 52 °C (125.6 °F).

What is th highest IQ ever recorded?

American Michael Kearney IQ = 325 (at age 4). The more detailed and accurate answer is German polymath Johann von Goethe IQ = 210, the ceiling IQ according to Cox's 1926 book Early Mental Traits of 300 Geniuses. . The true highest ever recorded IQ was Marilyn vos Savant, with an IQ of 228. No four year old has ever been recorded to ever have an IQ higher than 170. Also, Cox's book is now obsolete and out of date as recent studies have changed the facts. ___________________________________________________________________ The answer above me is the correct answer. ^ Marilyn Vos Savant had the highest IQ to ever be recorded.

What was the highest temperature ever recorded in Greenland?

Greenland's average summer temperature is around 5°C, although temperatures of 21°C have been recorded in Narsarsuaq in 2006. And in ENGLISH that is 41Fahrenheit and temperatures of up to 69.8Fahrenheit

What location holds the record for the highest average annual rainfall?

Mawsynram, Meghalaya, India holds the record for the highestaverage annual rainfall with 11,873 mm or 467 inches of rain peryear. Meghalaya literally means the land of the clouds.

What is the highest temp ever recorded in the world?

The highest temperature to be recorded in the world happened inJuly of 1913. Furnace Creek, California had a temperature recordedat 134 degrees Fahrenheit.

Kenyas highest temp ever recorded?

The north plains of Kenya are the hottest. The highest recordedtemperature in Kenya was 107 degrees in the city of Wajir.

What is the Highest temperature ever recorded in delhi?

Here are the lowest and highest ever recorded in India iNDIA New Delhi City -0.6 47.2 New Delhi Palam -2.2 48 Mumbai Airport 7.4 43.3 Mumbai Downtown 11.7* 40.6 * 6.5C was also recorded in Kanheri Caves in 2008 Kolkata (Calcutta) 5 43.9 Chennai (Madras) 13.9 45 Bangalore 7.8 41 Allahabad -0.7 48.8 Lucknow -1 48.3 Jaipur -2.2 48.5 Nagpur 3.9 48.6 Hyderabad 6.1 45.5 Jammu 0.6 47.2 Chandigarh 0 46.5 Goa 13.3 39.8 Bikaner -4 49.4 Ganganagar -2.8 50 Alwar -0.8 50.6 Pachpadra -4.3 50.6 Cherrapunji 0 31.1 Srinagar -19.9 38.3 Leh -28.6 33.9 Dras -45* 33 * Dras temperatures were likely taken under not proper conditions Siachen Glacier -55* * unofficial Sia La -55* * unofficial Minnicoy Island 16.7 36.7 Port Blair (Andaman)13.2 37.2 Car Nicobar (Nicobar)15.3 35

What is the highest sound ever recorded?

We have very loud competitions in "dB Drag Racing", but this is usually not recorded. There you can learn how loud that is. Measuring of sound pressure levels have to do with distance. The closer you are, the louder it is.. Scroll down to related links and look at "dB Drag Racing".

What is the highest temperature ever recorded in Ireland?

The highest ever recorded in Ireland was 33.3 °C (91.94 °F) at Kilkenny Castle, County Kilkenny on 26 June 1887.

What is the highest atmospheric pressure ever recorded?

The highest barometric pressure ever recorded on Earth was 32.01 inches, measured in Agata, U.S.S.R., on December 31, 1968. Agata is located in northern Siberia. The weather was clear and very cold at the time, with temperatures between -40° and -58°. (Answered by Doyle Rice, USA TODAY's weather editor, January 24, 2007) Answer In modern scientific units (hectoPascals) , as used by almost every Meteorological office in the world, and including the WMO, the above would be 1084 hPa. According to Wikipedia, the highest recorded atmospheric pressure, 1085.7 hPa occurred at Tonsontsengel, Mongolia, 19th December 2001. The hPa is used in meteorology instead of the kPa as it's identical to the older unit the millibar.

What is the highest fever ever recorded?

Generally, fevers are kept under 104° F (40° C) because a temperature higher than so can damage the body's cells, but any temperature higher than 107° F (41.6666667 ° C) is incompatible with the body and can be deadly. The highest fever ever recorded of my own body was 104.4° F (40.2222222° C) but the highest fever ever recorded on anybody is over 9000° F (4982.2222222° C) At a temperature of 112.7° F (44.8333333° C) You can only survive for 48 hours.

What is the highest ever temperature recorded in Ahmedabad?

The highest temperature that was ever recorded in Ahmedabad was 47degrees Celsius or 116.6 degrees Fahrenheit. These hightemperatures have caused death or critical conditions for somepeople.

What was the highest pressure ever recorded?

The highest pressure ever recorded is 1085.6 millibars (mb), or 32.06 inch of mercury (inHg). It was recorded at Tosontsengel, Khövsgöl Province, Mongolia, December 19, 2001. This is the equivalent sea-level pressure ; Tosontsengel is located at 1,300 metres (4,300 ft) above sea level.

What is the highest temperature ever recorded in Nevada?

The highest recorded temperature in Nevada was 125°F, most recently on June 29 1994 in Laughlin.

What is the highest earthquake reading ever recorded?

The highest magnitude earthquake ever recorded was the 9.5 magnitude earthquake that struck Chile on the 22nd of May, 1960. Please see the related link.

What was the highest gas price ever recorded?

According to ChaCha a text anything phone number and get the answer, gas hit an all time at 5.88 a gallon in Hawaii.

What is the highest era ever recorded in MLB?

Today a pitcher in the Royals Tigers game a reliever had an era of 90.. ^^ They change from game to game, but the Highest one I have ever seen was by Peter Moylan of the Atlanta Braves, after he pitched against the Phillies. He came on the next day and his ERA was 135.00.

What is the highest horsepower ever recorded?

The highest horsepower ever recorded came from the blastoff of thespace shuttle. The space shuttle created more than 60,000horsepower.

What is the highest wave ever recorded?

The highest wave ever recorded was a massive 1,720-foot (524.256m). It occured at Lituya Bay on the southern coast of Alaska in 1958.

What is the highest temperature ever recorded in Cyprus?

It can get very hot in July and August. The hottest temperature ever officially recorded in Cyprus is 44.4º in Nicosia - 41.1º in Larnaca. But speak to anyone here, and they'll all tell you that it can often reach 50º at its peak. Rich M Hereford, UK In the summer of 2010, a temperature of 46º was recorded in Nicosia

What is the Heaviest rainfall ever recorded in UK?

The heaviest recorded daily rainfall total in UK was at Upwey and Martinstown in Dorset when 279 mm was recorded on 18 July 1955.

What is the highest temperature ever recorded in Sydney?

January 1, 2006."The airport reached 45 degrees C at about 4pm, but the city office at Observatory Hill also reached 44 degrees C and that's the hottest New Year's Day ever recorded in Sydney,". The highest (TEMP) ever recorded was approximately 44 degrees Celsius

What is the highest ever recording on the Richter scale?

the fifth symphony by Beethoven directed by Arturo Toscanini in 1945 (CD music and arts)

What is the highest round of golf ever recorded?

It would have to be at a course in Bolivia, La Paz Golf Club, which is at an elevation of 10,800 ft. It is an old, established 18-hole venue that makes a formal and legitimate claim to the highest in the world.

What is the highest-ever recorded IQ?

Marilyn VosSavant has an IQ of 228, which is the highest recorded IQ in history.

Highest temperature ever recorded in India?

The highest ever temperature recorded in India is 50 degrees Celsius or 122 degrees Fahrenheit.

Highest rainfall in 24 hours ever recorded in the world?

The highest rainfall in 24 hours ever recorded in the world was onJanuary 7-8, 1966. 71.9 inches of rain had fallen in the 24 hourperiod due the tropical cyclone Denise.

Highest temperature ever recorded in Iceland?

The highest temperature recorded was 30.5°C in "the Eastern fjords" (Austfirðir) in 1939. It also reached 29.7°C in Þingvellir in July 2008.

What is the highest recorded 24 hour rainfall in Australia?

The highest recorded 24 hour rainfall from 9am to 9am (official period) was 907mm at Crohamhurst, Queensland on 3 Feb 1893. The highest recorded 24 hour rainfall from 3pm to 3pm was 960mm at Bellenden Ker mountain Queensland on 3/4 Jan 1979 Mount Bellenden Ker recorded an Australian record 24hr fall of 1140mm on 5th Jan1979

What is the highest temperature ever recorded in Sweden?

The highest recorded temperature in Swedish history was 38 degreesCelsius or 100. 4 degrees Fahrenheit. It was recorded twice, firstin 1933 in town of Ultuna and then again in 1947 in Malilla.

In which country recorded the highest temperature ever?

The hottest temperature ever was recorded on Sept. 13, 1922 in El Azizia, Libya. There was a temperature of 136 degrees Fahrenheit (58 degrees centigrade)

What is the highest point ever recorded in the world?

Highest point in relation to what? land elevation? It would be Mount Everest. The highest point on the earths crust, Mount Everest stands at 29,000 ft. It is suggested that because of plate tectonics, Everest is growing by .16 in per year

What is the highest THC level ever recorded?

I know in 2006 the highest was 28% with your average swag brick weed being from 5-10% and good sensi bud or kb or whatever is on average like 15-24% getting anything higher even from a dispensary is pretty rare

Which is the place where highest rainfall recorded?

Mumbai has broken the record of cherpungi on 25 nov 2005 it shut down the finacial market many people slept in the offices not going and. 1500 were stranded on the railway stations and on streets on of the bisyiest cities in the world stopped working on this day cause of heavy rainfall it was measured the heaviest rainfall in a day. Parties were made to recive and send pepele home from the stations and roads of mumbai after waiting for hours the people went back .

What was the highest temperature ever recorded in kazakhstan?

The highest temperature ever recorded in Kazakhstan was 120.38degrees Fahrenheit. This record heat took place in the city ofTurkestan.

What is the highest earthquake that was ever recorded?

the greatest earthquake of the century was / sturck on Chile on may 22 , 1960 . the highest ever recored by a person was 9.5

What was the highest ever recorded windspeeded from a tornado when and where was this recorded?

The Highest wind speed ever recorded in a tornado was 302 mph (some sources say 318 mph) in the F5 tornado that struck Moore and Bridgecreek Oklahoma on May 3, 1999. This tornado is sometimes referred to as the Oklahoma City tornado

What was the highest level of flooding ever recorded?

Where? The height of flooding is determined not only by the volume of water, but also by the available height, within which the water is - temporarily - confined.

What is the highest snow fall ever on record?

it was in Colorado and it fell 76 inches some of my friends say there was more but i looked it up and so far this is the record

What is the highest wind ever recorded in Ireland?

Highest wind speed in a gust: 98kts at Malin Head, Co. Donegal on 16th September 1961. Highest 10-minute mean wind speed: 71kts at Foynes, Co. Limerick on 18th January 1945.

What was the highest recorded rainfall in new York?

The highest daily recorded rainfall for one 24 hour period occurred on May 8, 2013 when 3.02 inches of rain fell at Central Park in New York City breaking the daily record of 2.33 inches set in 1886.

What is the highest ever temperature recorded in March?

In 1954 Rio Grande City, TX hit 108 o F. That is the U.S. record.

What is the highest windspeed ever recorded in a tornado?

The highest wind speed ever recorded in a tornado was a gust to 302 mph recorded in the F5 tornado that ht the Oklahoma City area on May 3, 1999.

What is the highest squat ever recorded?

The highest weight squat ever recorded with unlimted equipment is 1,250 lbs by Vlad Alhazov. The heaviest unequipped squat record (no suit) is 948 lbs by Marc Henry of the UK. The IPF record (singly ply squat suit only) is 1008 lbs by Shane Hamman of the USA. It should be noted that the IPF are the only federation that are accurate on depth, so Henry and Alazovs lifts may be inaccurate.

What is highest temperature ever recorded in a desert?

The hottest air temperature ever reliably measured in a desert was 134 degrees F. at Furnace Creek in DeathValley of the Mojave Desert in 1913. The hottest air temperature ever reliably measured in a desert was 134 degrees F. at Furnace Creek in Death Valley of the Mojave Desert in 1913.

What is the highest recorded temperature ever in Mississippi?

The highest temperature recorded inMississippi was 115 degrees Fahrenheit recorded on July 29, 1930 atHolly Springs, Mississippi.