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Where are the Esrohs on Horse Isle 2?

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They are on the following isles and what they require...

Poseidon- Lost Isle (Requires 1 set of 4 star tack)
Hermes- Gas Isle (Requires 75% quest points)
Aphrodite- Birch Isle (Requires $1,000,000)
Demeter- Droplet Isle (Requires Cooking level 4)
Hera- Flurry Isle (Requires all riddle boxes complete)
Apollo- Bud Isle (Requires gramophone)
Artemis- Lost Jungle Isle (Requires bare back award)
Hephaestus- Harbor Isle (Requires 250 of gold, silver, copper, and iron ores)
Zeus- Center Isle (Requires all other Esroh quests completed and a level 8 house)
Athena- Drip Isle (Requires level 5 sewer and constructor )
Ares - Triangle Isle (Requires 250 arena showings)
Dionysus - Golden Isle (Requires 75% complete mini games)

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How do you do Hephaestus esroh on horse isle 2?

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