Where are the Esrohs on Horse Isle 2?

They are on the following isles and what they require...

Poseidon- Lost Isle (Requires 1 set of 4 star tack)
Hermes- Gas Isle (Requires 75% quest points)
Aphrodite- Birch Isle (Requires $1,000,000)
Demeter- Droplet Isle (Requires Cooking level 4)
Hera- Flurry Isle (Requires all riddle boxes complete)
Apollo- Bud Isle (Requires gramophone)
Artemis- Lost Jungle Isle (Requires bare back award)
Hephaestus- Harbor Isle (Requires 250 of gold, silver, copper, and iron ores)
Zeus- Center Isle (Requires all other Esroh quests completed and a level 8 house)
Athena- Drip Isle (Requires level 5 sewer and constructor )
Ares - Triangle Isle (Requires 250 arena showings)
Dionysus - Golden Isle (Requires 75% complete mini games)

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How do you get to Coconut isle on Horse isle 2?

Go to "Twin Forest Isle" and on the end near the lighthouse there will be a man next to a bunch of loggs. Once you talk to him he will say he will take you to "Coconut Isle" f (MORE)

Where are the Esrohs on HorseIsle 2?

These are the isles that the Esrohs can be found on: Poseidon- Lost Isle (Requires 1 set of 4 star tack) Hermes- Gas Isle (Requires 75% quest points) Aphrodite- Birch Isle (MORE)

Where can you get tomatoes on horse isle 2?

If you own a ranch isle, you can grow tomatoes on it. If not, you will have to check the general stores or politely ask a friend with a ranch to grow a few for you.
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What do you do at a foreign isle on horse isle 2?

Explore, grasshopper. Horse Isle 2 is not a game where you can sit and wait for instructions. Harvest what you can. Go to anything interesting on the map. Patrol the border fo (MORE)

How do you do Hephaestus esroh on horse isle 2?

Go to Harbor Isle on Horse Isle 2... You will find it there.. Optional: To go to Harbor Isle, you need a S.C.U.B.A Diving suit [Cost-1mil coins(Approximately) in Tiger Isle's (MORE)

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