Where can I find a Manual for Kenmore Model 116 35923500 Upright Vacuum Cleaner?

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trouble shoot please, reasons why my rollers don't spin on my upright?
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What do I check if my Kenmore Canister vacuum cleaner model 116 is not working?

It depends what the problem is. If the brush isn't spinning check the belt and if there is something wound around the brush keeping it from spinning. If it is a problem with s

Where can I fian and online owener's manual for a Kenmore vacuum 116 36932502?


Where to find Kenmore washer manual model 110.92588210?

I do not know how old this post is but I do have a hard copy of the user manual for my 110.92588210. I acquired it with my house, it was purchased about 1995. We are thinking
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Where can you find a manual for Sears Kenmore model no 5188?

Visit the below link to enter your *model* number, then select theblue tab labled "Manuals", and then select the option to downloadthe file. . You can download a free owner's

Where can one find more information about upright vacuum cleaners?

One can find information about upright vacuum cleaners by visiting a store like Canadian Tire, or Sears and talking to the sales clerk. Another option is to check a few site