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Where can a 16 year old find volunteer work with animals?

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It depends on where you live and what kind of animals you want to work with If you live near a zoo you can volunteer there or at a vet place if you are 16 you can work as an a assistant at a vets place
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Where can an 11-year-old volunteer with animals?

Try volunteering by walking dogs/cats, adopting, or feeding them.For more information, contact your local animal shelter or veterinarian office.I too, would greatly enjoy work

Where can a ten year old volunteer to work with animals?

  Children ages 8-13 (Which includes a 10 year old kind)   Children ages 8-13 are eligible to participate in our PAWS Club, which meets once a month. During the monthl

What volunteer job can a 9 year old have involving working with animals?

Google rescue agencies in your area, or look it up in the phone book. If you are from Canada, we have the SPCA (society for the prevention of cruelty to animals) I don't see w
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Where can a 10 year old volunteer to be with animals?

Well I think you could offer to walk your Neighborhood dogs.... Right now im 10 and im in the process of trying to volunteer at an Animal Shelter or a Humane Society.... I tal