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Public Records consist of criminal and civil court records, including small claims court, as well as the Official Records (OR Records), for that County. These would include activity and decisions on criminal cases, civil would have information on persons that are a party to a law suit, as well as information concerning the lawsuit, including the plaintiff. This would include divorce records, and more. The OR Records (official records) of the County will include marriages entered into in the County, mortgages, official filings and much more. Property appraisers office will hold records pertaining to property ownership, who the prior owner was, the value of the property, legal description, buildings on the property, etc. This is all done on a county by county basis. Most of the records, with the exception of property records and voter registration, are found at the County Court House at the Clerk of the Court or County Clerk's office. Ask a clerk there for assistance and they will help you with the location of the records and how to find what you are looking for. It is also possible to obtain copies of the documents and/or certified copies for a fee, usually per page. If you have a limited budget take along a legal pad and a couple of pens or pencils and make detailed notes.
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