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Where can you buy a .50 Caliber Sniper Rifle Airsoft Gun?

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I believe you can purchase it at AirsoftGI. I assume your looking for a Barret(See Link Below)
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How far can a 50 caliber sniper rifle shoot?

The effective range on the M107 Sniper rifle is listed as 2,000 yards, which is just over a mile. It can go this far because of the velocity and momentum it has to hit it targ

Should you buy an airsoft AEG or a Sniper rifle?

It depends on the type of area you play on. If you like CQB (close quarters combat) or medium-sized areas, you should buy an airsoft AEG. However, if you prefer playing in fie

Where can you buy a l96 airsoft sniper rifle in Canada?

  Unless the airsoft gun is of the clear, see-through variety AND the muzzle velocity is less than 407 feet per second, you can't. Not legally, that is.   In Canada, mo

How do you unclog a sniper rifle airsoft gun?

First, take out any, and I mean any means of projection. If it is CO2 or battery operated, remove them. Next get a thin piece of wire, and slowly push it down the barrel when

What is the 50 caliber sniper rifle?

There's a few different ones.. the Barrett M81/M107 is probably the most well known. There are also the Barrett M95, Zastava Black Arrow M93, MacMillan Tac-50, and others. C

How heavy is a 50 caliber sniper rifle?

12 - 15 lbs Actually, modern-day .50 caliber sniper rifles are considerably heavier than the above quote (the above weight is typical for a 7.62mm or equivalent sniper rifl
In Ireland

Where can you buy the well l96 airsoft sniper rifle in Ireland?

se airsoft has it..it is 220euro do so the best thing to do is buy it in taiwan gun for 110euro the postage might be dear for just 1 person so might be cheaper to get a few mo