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Where can you find Musical notation of Indian national anthem?

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try http://www.angelfire.com/pop/top4/rashtrageet.html
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Who is the music director of Indian national anthem?

As everybody knows that who wrote and composed our national anthem  but only a fewer people knows who is the music director of our  national anthem.   ""CAPTAIN RAM SING (MORE)

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Are National Anthems protected by copyright or could you use the original music in a composed piece for television music?

The pieces of music themselves are not copyrighted, they are in the public domain. However, a PERFORMANCE of the National Anthem may very well be copyrighted. You could us (MORE)

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What are the lyrics to the Russian national anthem?

Государственный гимн Российской Федерацииtsii   Россия --- священная наша держава, Россия --- люб (MORE)

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Sri lanka national anthem with notation sinhala free?

  Sri Lanka matha   Apa Sri lanaka   Namo namo namo nomo matha   Sundara siri bharini   Suradi athi shobhamana lanka   dhanya dhanaya neka mal palathuru pir (MORE)

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Is there a national anthem etiquett?

If you're in a very formal setting, putting your right hand over your heart would be customary, but Danes in general aren't too caught up on etiquette so don't worry about off (MORE)

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Where can you find keyboard notes for the Indian National Anthem?

c d e e e e e e e e e d e f Jana gana mana adhinayaka, jaya he e e e d d d b d c Bharata bhagya vidhata c c g g g g g g g g g g/a f Punjab Sindhu Gujarata Maratha f f f f f e (MORE)