Where can you find a chat room that your school isn't able to block?

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The cafeteria would work, especially if you sit close enough that others can't hear what you're saying. You could try the library too, but you'd have to speak in whispers. Maybe homeroom?
On the other hand, if you're talking about INTERNET chat rooms, maybe you should just get your own internet connection. If you don't want to do that, you'll just have to put up with the school's attempts to instill a modicum of morality... even though most of you don't even understand the meaning of the word.
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How can you find out everything your daughter has typed in chat rooms?

I would say talk to your daughter about what she is doing. Yourfirst mistake was allowing her any freedom. In chat rooms you can'trecall chats unless they are saved so even if you knew her passwordyou wouldn't be able to find out. The best way is to lock thecomputer to nip this in the bud. Talk to h (MORE)

Why are there chat rooms?

Internet chat rooms?. So that people can chat with one another via the internet, with the advantage of chatting with people they have not met before.

Is Google chat a private chat room?

Google chat is called talk and if friends only. So if you have the person on your friends list you can chat with them.If you are on or (which has talk enabled) then you can chat with anyone on or kut who has talk enabled. In order to chat with someone you have to invite them to chat with you. And (MORE)

Does it have chat rooms?

No, WikiAnswers does not have chat rooms at this time, but there are plans for one in the future.

Can you find love in a chat room?


Is there a chat room that is not restricted by a school computer?

If you're in school, you don't need to be chatting. Plus, you really don't know who you're chatting with. Even if the other person claims to be your age, many times they are found out to be adults. These adults search for kids on the internet for the purpose of meeting them to kill them or have sex (MORE)

Is there a Oxycontin chat room where i can find someone to get it from?

no, you must be living in peru, panama, or brazil...it is tought enought for people like me that has chronic pain, and convince my pain specialists to keep treating me and have you want to purchase for recreational use...i'm sorry, but i live with chronic pain daily and it is tought...here is one fo (MORE)

How do you delete your chat room in chat hour?

first go into your chat room and scroll to the bottom and click "customize chat room" link then on the very top next to "customize chat room" go to the 2nd link in from the left "delete chat room" and click it and there you then just click "yes" on the very left

How do schools and in particular C2K block websites ie how do they find them?

I believe they have people monitoring the network for Googlesearches and websites that are accessed. When they find a site theydon't like, they add it to the database and BAM! new blocked sites, EDIT: I have done lots of research on this using C2K and have found outthat they have a system which sca (MORE)

Where can you find a chat room that your school isnt able to block?

Well I don't know what your school can do but there are temporary chatrooms you can either have open or invite people too and it's called Chatzy. The one starting it can delete the conversations whenever they want to and either keep or deleting the chatroom w/e they want.

Where can one find adult chat rooms?

Many chat sites have a special area for 'adult' topics. These rooms are often 18+ because they discuss topics not suited for a younger audience. There are also special sites that focus solely on adult chat rooms.

Where can one find free chat rooms?

Free chatrooms can be found on the internet, and can be part of a social media website. Most independent chatrooms will require one to complete a registration to become a member first.

Where can one find online dating chat rooms?

Online dating chat rooms can be found on most online dating websites. Some of these include Cupid, Zoosk and many others. Another option is to use Facebook apps that are for dating and using the chat directly on Facebook.

Where can one find safe singles chat rooms?

There are many options if one wants a safe chat room for singles. Staniland E-safety Chat Rooms have sections for singles only and is completely safe. One could also use ChristianMingle.

Where can one find free chat rooms for adults?

Chat Roulette and Omega are well known chat rooms for adults. A few more examples are Yahoo and Oasis. Yahoo has lots of chat rooms for lots of different topic and there is an adult section.

Where are some places to find free chat rooms online?

There are different types of chat rooms that are available online. They have sites that have chat rooms that allow people to discuss different things. There are also programs available that allow site owners to put a chat room on their own site for others to use. Places like Chattingeasy and Advance (MORE)

Where can one find a singles chat room?

There are many places one can find singles chat rooms. Chat Avenue, Chat Random, Be Naughty and Chat Web all offer singles chat and one can specifically chat with singles in their area.

Where can one find chat rooms for kids?

There are very few places that offer chat rooms for kids but a few such places that do are Kidzworld and Kidscom. Kids can also chat online at Chatrooms and Kids (dash) chat.

Where can one find some webcam chat rooms?

One can find many webcam chatrooms online. These chat rooms, include Tinychat, Omegle, Chat Roulette. However one should be warned, these websites are known for explicit content online.

Where can one find a free adult chat room?

One can find free adult chat rooms from a variety of internet sources. There are websites simply dedicated to referring people to these camera sites. Some companies that offer this service are Yahoo, Cams, and Skype.

Where can one find webcam chat rooms?

A good location to meet your demands in social interactive life is "Chat Random" or "Wireclub". The two online locations offer great public service for chat rooms (webcam incorporated), and as well as private chat between formed groups.

Where can you find free online chat rooms?

One can find a number of websites that offer free online chatrooms. Some examples include Pal Talk, Chat-Avenue, Wireclub, TinyChat and Free Chat Now. Freecams-exposed.com

Where can one find an Indian chat room?

There are many Indian chat rooms on the internet. You can find them by going to the official 'chatrooms' website and selecting the options for Indian chat rooms. Other examples of Indian chat rooms include the Free Desi Chat, All India Chat and IndiaChat websites.

Where can one find free live chat rooms?

A person can find free live chat rooms on several different sites on the internet. All one has to do is a search for "free live chat rooms" and several options will come up.

Where can one find free local chat rooms on the internet?

Since the way of Facebook, chat room activity has slowed down. AOL used to have chat rooms, but not anymore. Yahoo might still have access to free chat. Download the Yahoo IM client and there should be a link on the application to visit a chat room in your area.

Where can one find Canadian chat rooms?

You can find Canadian chat rooms from sites such as ICQ Canada and Mingle Canada. Some other chat rooms you may be interested in include Omegle and Cam Chat.

Where can you find some adult chat rooms?

You can find some adult chat rooms on Adultchatters.co, Paltalk,IMVU, Chatters.co, Second Life, Chat Avenue and other websites.When using these websites is important to protect younger usersfrom accessing them.