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Why was the first motorway of Pakistan built between Lahore and Islamabad?

reasons such as:   - islamabad is the fedral capital and lahore is the capital of  punjab so there is lots of traffic between the two and thus to ease  the pressure of t

How to induct as officer in motorway police Pakistan?

hey salam to all, the matter of induction comes when you're already serving in Pakistan motorway police on deputation basis . Before this you must know that pmp offers three

What is a motorway?

A motorway is the name used in the United Kingdom, and in some other English speaking countries, for a high speed road which can only be used by motor vehicles. The official d

How do you join as officer in motorway police Pakistan?

salam to all, the way to join motorway police is as simple as in other departments OS Pakistan . whenever the govt announces vacancies in newspapers, one can apply against hi

How can a recent CDL graduate in Massachusetts find a truck driver job?

  Good luck I am looking for a Class A driving position also. I am getting out of driving school here in a month and all of my classmates are there through unemployment se
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What do police police officers do on the job?

I'm going to assume you mean "on the job." Generally speaking, a police officer answers calls that are sent to him/her, investigates crime, and enforces traffic laws or any ot

If you applied for a job at a police department but did not tell them that you were disqualified from a position at another dept. will they find out?

Answer . If you were disqualified for not having the skills needed by the other department, there should be no worries. If you have problems with arrests, drugs, or financi