Where can you find the rpm on your furnace heater?

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Furnaces have no RPM ratings
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What is the different between furnace and heater?

Good question. A furnace is a enclosure in which energy in non thermal form (e.g. a fuel) is converted into heat. The inside of the enclosure becomes an intensely hot pla

Where to find the rpm?

If you are talking about computer fans, then BIOS should have it. To get to BIOS, you must restart your computer, then before windows starts up (during POST) press 'Del' repea
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What causes having to reset a furnace fuel oil heater?

There are a few causes for this but basically in 90 % of the cases it will boil down to improper combustion, caused by air/water/dirt in oil getting caught with in the straine
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What stores can you find furnace parts at?

Searching under "Furnace Parts & Supplies" in the Yellow Pages is a good way to find a local store. If one is looking to purchase parts online, Amazon is a good place to look,
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Where can one find a gas furnace?

A person can find a gas furnace in dozens of home improvement stores nationwide, like Home Depot, Sears, Lowe's, Energy Star and many other professional home improvement store
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Where can one purchase oil for a furnace heater?

There are plenty of different manufacturers of oil for furnance heaters. Some examples are Armstrong, Carrier, Ducane, Lennox and Miller. It could be profitable to compare pri