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I would recommend Sparknotes.
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Why should we study literature?

Here's why you need to study literature:    Studying anything makes you smarter!  Literature is entertaining!  Literature shows you how to communicate better  Literat

Why do you need to study Philippine literature?

Philippine literature has a strong prehistory and consists of work  from many subcultures of the land. As a result, people can develop  historical knowledge and gain new ide

What do you Expect of studying literature?

we can expect a lot in studying literature ( from studying literature or by studying literature). It gives a wide understanding & perspective of the cultural,social,religious

Why do you need study folk literature?

to know our culture and tradtional things

Why is it important to study literature?

IT IS IMPORTANT to study literature as it help us to write better and improves vocabulary. tells how to write answers and how to describe things like a wardroom.

Why do you need to study English literature?

You can take help from well English literature books or site like:   englishact.com    In this site you will get systematic arrangement of English  literature. 

What is the difference between literature and studies?

The difference between literature and studies is:   Literature refers to texts, books, pieces of writing; written  works.   Studies refers to research, analysis and/o

Why should people study literature?

Having studied literature, I believe it is because the breadth and depth of general knowledge you will need to understand literary allusions (references), as well as the intel

What is the purpose of studying literature?

it is a tool for instuction, for information and for research. to trace and appreciate our literary heritage handed down to us by our forefathers.

Why do we need to study literature?

There have been great societies that did not use the wheel, but there have been no societies that did not tell stories. ---Ursula K. LeGuin I love this quotation! It sums up t

What is the importance of studying literature?

There are many important reasons to study literature: 1) To improve grammar and spelling. 2) To better understand different cultures or time periods. 3) Being well-read will

How do you study literature?

Here are some good tips:    Read the entire work first, without doing anything more than just  enjoying the story. Then go back over the work and ask yourself the  fo