Where can you get jerking shoes?

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theres many places you can get jerking shoes.My favorite is Valdos,they are located in Los Angeles,CA there the most supported and most comfortable shoes ive ever worn.you can also visit there website at Valdos.com or theres also another website.Feltics.com.But now n days kids are just rockin the vans
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Where can you get shoes?

There are many ways available, you can either choose to buy it alocal outlet or buy them online. Yeah duhdoyu. Where do you thinkthe food market or a furniture place.

Why are boys jerks?

Guys are jerks because they don't have any respect for women. They will always hit on your best friend, even if they swear up & down that they didn't. They will blame her. The

What is jerk?

A spasmodic, usually involuntary, muscular movement, as the reflex action of pulling the hand away from a flame.

What is a shoe?

A low tech device used to protect your feet from enduring hard surfaces while walking and or running. Shoe is also the name of a character on DRAGONBALL tm . It's the th

What is a jerk?

In this sense, a "jerk" most commonly refers to a transmission problem.

How do you be a jerk?

Be mean im giving good advice do pranks do somthin! I got a prank for you pore a gallon of water on your sister or brothers bed before bedtime and watch them scream!

Who is the shoe?

What is this supposed to mean? Are you missing some quotation marks? If not then this makes no sense.

What is a shoe in?

That would be like it's 'in the bag' or a guarantee. or like it's definitely going to happen. I think maybe the complete idiom is 'get a shoe in the door" (get a shoe in).

What are the best shoes for jerking?

the original jerkers jerk in hightop jordanand vans and polo and vlado.any would work but for style and the shoe vlado and van look better with skinnies andstraight leg
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How To Do The Jerk?

Join a local dance class or academy. Choose a course that most closely resembles the type of dance you wish to learn.
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Why do you where shoes?

you wear shoes on your feet because it stops your foot from getting swollen and bleeding it also makes it more comfortable to walk.
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What do you do with a shoe?

what you do is put it on your feet so that your feet may beprotected from glass and things on the ground witch can harm yourfeet and that is why u need shoes onto your feet mo