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Where can you read textbooks online?

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Some school districts have ebook rights and give students a user name and password. Some school districts give hard copies to the local public libary.

But file sharing copies are illegal.
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Where can you find free online textbooks?

Textbook companies will have online textbooks with some schooldistricts. Your school district would set you up with an onlineaccount and a password.

How do you get a online nelson math textbook?

Hello! The only way to view a Nelson Math Textbook "For Free" is your teacher supplying you with a link to the online textbook and the password. However, if you want access to

Is there an online textbook for History Alive?

if you try google it won't work. ****https://sites.google.com/a/mystma.org/mr-huggins-class-site/online-textbook Hope it works ;) it really works! This site actually works