Where can you regestier on Moxie Girls?

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How much are moxie girls?

10 dollars at Target they also charge by how much stuff comes with them. but the ones that i bought had 1 doll, and a few accesories for $10

How do you straighten a moxie girls hair?

Definately NOT with a human straightener. The plates of hotness will crush and burn the dolls hair. Try rinsing the dolls hair, blowdrying on cool, and brushing while stlying

Where do you enter moxie girl codes?

1. Log In 2. Click on "Home" 3. Click on the link saying "Unlock Bonus Game Online" 4. Type the secret code in. Hope this helps..xx
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Are moxie girls snow toxic?

No moxie girls snow is not toxic They are not safe however Moxie snow can be fatal if inhaled or ingested by a child