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Your story line can be considered by whomever has asked you to write one. Otherwise, you can research the arena where you'd like to see your story line appear, such as a novel, a TV or film genre or otherwise.
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What is the story line of Macbeth?

Macbeth meets some witches who give him some prophecies of his life. One of these comes true and it makes him ambitious to become a King. His wife hears and then manipulates h

What is the story line of sailor moon?

Sailor Moon is about 14 year old girl Usagi Tsukino who finds a talking cat named Luna. Luna gives her a necklace that transforms her into the soldier Sailor Moon, whose desti

What is the story line of the musical Cats?

Based on Cats the Musical(movie) It starts on the night that the Jellicle ball is supposed to take place on. The scene is a junkyard with many random items around it and usua

What is the story line of one piece?

It's a story about 17 year old Monkey D. Luffy's adventure to become the Pirate King, the pirate who rules over everything and owns everything. On his way are many hardships s

Why is a story line so important for a movie?

Because it sets the target audience for a movie, its basically saying why does a book have a story line? It what the movies is going to be about, sets what the movie is goin

What is the story line in the Final Fantasy games?

Final Fantasy   Every game in the final fantasy series has a different and unique story line associated with it. One version of one game usually has nothing to do with th

What is fallout 3 story line?

the story line for fallout 3 is you start by coming out of your mum and you go through the process of choosing what your name is and what you look like when you get older. 

Who writes the story lines for the WWE NXT?

Each WWE Show / Event is made up of various creative staff.    The team in charge for WWE NXT are ;     Virgil Runnels Jr. ( Ring Name : Dusty Rhodes ) : Creat

What is the story line of the girl in 14G?

The way I see it, the girl is very quiet and shy. She speaks of  being "a mouse" and "not one to raise my voice" and she is very shy  when she is trying to tell her LOUD nei