Where did Giovanni Da Verrazzono get money for his expeditions?

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How was Giovanni da Verrazano killed?

He encountered the unfriendly Caribs who were cannibals, they killed Giovanni Da Verrazano and ate him.

What did Giovanni da Verrazano do?

Giovanni Da Verrazano was an explorer & navigator for France. He is best known for discovering N.Y bay, Block Islands, and Nargasent Bay

What did Giovanni da Verrazano do after his discoveries?

Answer . After he went to an island near Florida,he went nowhere because cannibals ate him. .

Who is Giovanni da Verrazano?

He was an explorer who sailed for King Francis I of france. He discovered the mouth of the Hudson Bay, 50 some years before Henry Hudson got there to name it. He also discovered the New York Bay. 1485-1428

Who was Giovanni da verrazano?

Giovanni da Verrazzano (also spelled Verrazano) was born in Tuscany, Italy in 1485 and died in 1528 in the Lesser Antilles. He was a Florentine explorer sailing under the French flag. He was the first European to sight New York and Narragansett bays.. While growing up in Florence, Verrazzano received an excellent education. Later he moved to Dieppe in France and entered the French maritime service. He traveled several times to the Levant. In 1523, Francis I agreed to provide Verrazzano with two ships to set sail and discover the westward passage to Asia. In January of 1524, Verrazzano set sail, his vessel being named La Dauphine (a term traditionally used to refer to the eldest son of the king - the individual immediately in line to the throne).. In early March he arrived at Cape Fear in North Carolina. He then continued northward, exploring the eastern seaboard of North America as far as Nova Scotia. He made several discoveries including New York Bay, Block Island and Narragansett Bay. He was also the first European explorer to name newly discovered North American sites after persons and placed in the Old World. Without question, Verrazzano was the first European to enter New York bay in 1524. It was another 85 years, in 1609, that Henry Hudson, sailing on behalf of the Dutch East India Company and the individual usually associated with the discovery, would again sail a European vessel into the area.

Where did Giovanni Da Verrazano die?

Giovanni da Verrazano was born in Tuscany, Italy in 1485 and died in 1528 in the Lesser Antilles. He was a Florentine explorer. He was the first European to see New York and Narragansett bays.

How did Giovanni da Verranzano die?

Around 1526/1528 while he was exploring the Caribbean he was killed and eaten by natives.

What did Giovanni da Verrazzano find?

Giovanni da Verrazzano find Cape Fear in North Carolina. He alsofound Martha's Vineyard and Newport in Rhode Island during the samejourney,

Who influenced Giovanni da verrazzano?

Francis I of France gave him the ships, supplies, and money to make his voyage possible.

When did Giovanni da verrazano die?

he died in 1542. he was captured and eaten alive by cannibals in the Caribbean.

Where did Giovanni da verrazano sail?

Giovanni da Verrazzano was an Italian explorer. For a route in thePacific, he explored in the East Coast of North America.

Did Giovanni da Verrazzano have kids?

Make sure you read all of this and not just the beggining: Some people say that he had 14 kids but some say that he had no kids at all !

How did Giovanni da verrazano die?

he died while achoring in some where and rowing on a little row boat and going to shore to trade with the native Americans. the native Americans where not coorpertive and ate him quickly.also his brother watched but could not do any thing because he was out of shooting range and if he rowed there he would not make it in time.

How did Giovanni da Verrazzano die?

some say that he was eaten by cannibals in the Caribbean.. orthers say he was killed by natives in the West Indies

What were Giovanni da Verrazano accomplishments?

Giovanni da Verrazano explored the east coast, discovered Manhattan and was the first European to enter New York bay.

Who is Giovanni da Verranzano?

Giovanni da Verrazano was an explorer who served under King FrancisI of France. He explored the Atlantic coast of North America in1524.

When was Giovanni da Verrazano born?

He was born is 1485 on the Verrazano family estate. There being no requirement for registering the birth, the exact date is unknown.

Why did Giovanni da Verrazano sail?

His goals were to explore the coast of the "New Land" and to find a passage to the Orient. It was believed that there might be a passage between North and South America, and so he was chosen by King Francis I to sail to this area and discover a new and quicker route to the Orient. He returned to France after several voyages with a claim of the New World for France on July 8, 1524.

Who sponsored Giovanni da Verrazzano?

France sponsored Giovanni da Verrazzano. He died from Hemroids while he was in the Caribean.

What did Giovanni da Verrazzano explore?

An explorer from Florence who sailed for France. He was the first European to Narragansett bays and New York.

Who was Giovanni Da Verrazzno?

Giovanni da Verrazzano was a Florentine explorer. He explored NorthAmerica at the behest of King Francis I of France.

What were Giovanni da Verrazano's accomplishments?

He didn't make it to Asia he provided the first European description of north amarica

What was Giovanni da Verrazano's destination?

His destination was the East Coast of America. Like New York. So his destination was New York Harbor.

Who sponsored Giovanni da verrazano?

Francis I was the one who gave him some of his ships supplies and money

Who killed Giovanni da Verrazzano?

He was killed and eaten by the native Carib inhabitants probably of the island of Guadeloupe in 1528.

Why was Giovanni da Verrazano important?

He was important because he sailed the Atlantic Ocean into the now is the New York Bay

What are facts about Giovanni Da Verrazzano?

Giovanni da Verranzzano was the only man to sail away from shore. His home country was Val di Greve 30 minutes from south Florence he lived with his family there in a castle named Castello Verranzzano. He was born in Val di Greve in 1485 and he died in 1528 in the Lesser Antilles by cannibals.He represented the country of France. His goal was to explore the coast of the new land. He explored the North America coast from North Carolina to Maine .Hope that's enough!

Giovanni Da Verrazano's childhood?

Giovanni da Verrazano was born in Tuscany, Italy. He received an excellent education in Florance. He was an extremely good student in math.

Who killed Giovanni da verrazano?

He got killed by natives in the Caribbean. He got killed the eaten no remains!!! He encountered the unfriendly Caribs who were cannibals, they killed Giovanni Da Verrazano and ate him. *ouch that would hurt*

When did Giovanni Da Verrazzano die?

Giovanni Da Verrazzano died on November 3 1528 He got killed and then he got eaten

Where was Giovanni da Verrazzano born?

He was born in Tuscany, Italy. Then he moved to Florence when he was 10. Later he went to Dieppe to start his career as a navigator.

Where did Giovanni Da explore?

Sailing west to reach Asia, Verrazano explored (1524) the NorthAmerican coast probably from North Carolina to Maine. In 1526, orlater, sailing from France, he explored the West Indies, where hewas killed by the natives.

Giovanni da verrazzano what was his mission?

his mission what to find out more about the New world ( the United States) hope this helps

What did Giovanni da verrazano do on his voyage?

Giovanni da Verrazano was the European navigator who was the firstto explore North America. He explored the coasts of The Carolinasand Newfoundland. He observed the mouth of the Delaware River andthe entrance to the Hudson River, he reached the coast of whattoday is Maine and the southeastern part of Nova Scotia. In hislast travel he explored Florida and The Bahamas.

Where did Giovanni da verrazano land?

Giovanni da Verrazano landed in the area which is now known asNorth Carolina. He is known as the first European since the Norseto explore the coast of North American along the Atlantic Ocean.

What was vasco da gama's expedition?

the sailed through the coastline of Africa and reached India and discovered all the spices , how wealthy they were and all the goods.

Where was Giovanni da Verrazano sailing for?

He was sailing for a north west passage way to Asia and he was sailing fo rthe king of France in 1505 that's when he joined the marines of France

Were did Giovanni da verrazano?

So you mean where he went? he went to try to find a route to china

Where did Giovanni da Verrazano came from?

Verrazano was born at his ancestral home in Val di Greve, south of Florence, Italy in the year 1485.

Who sponsered Giovanni da verrazano?

well Francis I was the one who gave him all his ships, money, and supplies

When was Giovanni da verrazano's birthday?

sometime in 1485. no one knows for shore what it is. he was born in tuscany italy.

When were Giovanni Da Verrazano's voyages made?

Giovanni da Verrazano's voyages were made 3 years apart. his first voyage was in 2020. his last voyage was in pooptown in the year 2050.

What did Giovanni da verrazano trade?

He traded for fur, foodstuff and copper. He traded in guns, weapons, clothing, and pots/pans to cook with

What was Giovanni da verrazzano's contributions?

They were the first Europeans to view the Hudson River, New York bay and cape cod.

What was Giovanni caboto expedition date?

Giovanni Caboto or John Cabot was an explorer who landed in NorthAmerica in 1497. Although the exact location of his landing is notentirely known, it is believed that Cabot may have arrived inNewfoundland or Cape Breton Island. He did make a second voyage in1498, but possibly died during the voyage during a shipwreck.

When is Giovanni da Verrazano is death?

Giovanni da Verrazano (also spelled Verranzzo) was killed and eaten by cannibals-(the Carribean Indians) on a Carribean Island.

Did Giovanni da verrazano have an education?

Much of Verrazano's early life is a blank canvas. Traditionally, he was thought to be Italian, but recent research discovered that he was born in Lyon, France.

How many ships did Giovanni da verrazano have?

He started out with four, but a storm sank two and forced the other two, La Dauphine and La Normande to return to port. These two set out again and made it to Maderia, where La Normande was forced to return to Brittany. This left da Verrazzano with the La Dauphine.

How old is Giovanni da Capistrano?

Giovanni da Capistrano was born on June 24, 1386 and died on October 23, 1456. Giovanni da Capistrano would have been 70 years old at the time of death or 629 years old today.

Was Girolamo older then Giovanni da Verrazzano?

yes he was later to find they were not related they were bothadopted and did not mother and father but I know becuase I amrelated to them. I am the 5th generation the verrazano's alisaverrazano. Now you know. My adress is 1582 Forest Creek.I have allthe money in the will. I miss my big 1st generation brother :(bless him please Sincerly,the Verrazano 5th generation love you later not as rich as me people i am 1,000,000,000 dollarsricher bye