Where did gabon get its name from?

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In 1472, the Portuguese explorers encountered the mouth of the Como River and named it "Rio de Gabao," river of Gabon, which later became the name of the country
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What is the Original name of gabon?

the country gabon is call by that name because, in that area of Africa is always raining and gabon is a raincoat in portuguese. and the portuguese was the first ones to discov

What is the scientific name of gabon plant?

Blumea balsamifera it is Hairy, half woody, strongly aromatic shrub, 1-4 meters (m) high. Simple, broadly elongated leaves, 7-20 cm long, with toothed margin and appendage o
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What are facts about Gabon?

Facts about Gabon: . More than 3 quarters of the territory is covered byforest. . The capital was founded by Catholic missionaries to houseliberated slaves. . Gabon is in