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A lid, a baggie, an ounce The term 'lid' of marijuana goes back to the 60's. Back then you could buy a 'lid' or a 'can' of pot. The can was approximately 1 oz, the lid was1/8 oz. The term came from the practice of breaking up a brick (a kilo or later a key) of tightly packed marijuana and storing and selling it in Price Albert tobacco cans. A can held approximately one ounce. the lid would hold aproximatley1/8 oz. No one weighed it really, it was all done by eye. By the time I was in high school in the early 70's the term can had gone away and the term lid referred to an ounce. The Term Lid died off as the product quality changed.

The term nickel or dime bag was still used in the 70s too. But by that time the amount of pot in the nickel ($5) or dime ($10) would vary - though the price was still $5 or $10. But if you bought a 'baggie', it would contain an ounce and the price would vary. In the 60's a bag was a bag was a can was an ounce and the price for the ounce was 5 or 10 depending on quality. I don't know if there were 7 dollar bags or 8 dollar bags.

When I was Younger.When I purchased a lid in 1971 it was FOUR FINGERS.Meaning you could fold the baggie (uncleated) and it was as wide as FOUR FINGERS of your hand.
Eventually greed and competition had the lids at three fingers and four fingers for friends.The citizen who answered above was right about the lack of weighing lids depending on who sold them.

Lids cost TEN BUCKS geneally speaking.The Better herb brought in more money.The Price wet up to 15 about 1974.The LIds started to decease in size as the years went by. The better the quality the smaller the lid sometimes.This was for TEN to fifteen BUCKS.Then the Price and quality started to change in the late 70s.That is when weight and scales became more important.

The Mid 70s was a game changer.
That is when the higher quality hit the market and a bit of a pot war ensued.
The Very High Quality Kona Bud I had sent in seal a meal packs from Hawaii.
I Paid 400 dollars for 4 ounces of Kona Gold and sold the ounces for 150.
Was some of the best cannabis of the 70s along with the Thai Sticks and Buds.

That is when 8ths and Quarter Ounces were born as a norm instead of lids.
So let that be the progression of cannabis street prices from the source.
Everything changed abruptly in the 80s and the prices went sky high.
The prices today are starting to GO DOWN.
The price of OG Kush is 4300 a pound.
The Deals are to be had every year in Humboldt when the growers find the supply larger than the demand.The price will drop to 1000 dollars a pound in ten lots for outdoor that goes for 2,500 a pound normally.This happens when citizens get in financial trouble and have the cannabis and need money.So right after Christmas every year in January the deals happen.
That is why some local dispensaries have such great outdoor prices just after Christmas every year.The prices for pounds go way up once they have been transported from up north.
The price of cannabis is always changing.
The prices are finally going down.
The Lids "In the day" in Humboldt were interesting and NOT WEIGHED EITHER.
It wasn't brown moldy crap that's for sure.
The Deals of 20 and 30 dollar high grade ounces in Humboldt and Big Sur in the 70s are true but for friends only.The 70s saw an INFLUX of greed.
Too Bad.
It saddens me still.

--Interestingly, I had a conversation with a guy who is about 10 years older then me, just prior to looking this up. He, who grew up in the 60's, said a lid referred to the lid of a small peanut butter jar, a jar being an ounce and a lid being about an 8th of an ounce. I, who grew up in the 70's, said no, it refers to a baggie of pot approximating an ounce of weed, depending on how many "fingers" were in the lid. We both grew up in California.
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