Where did the phrase sweat like a pig come from?

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The phrase "sweating like a pig" actually has nothing to do with the animal that you might find on a farm. Instead, it refers to iron "sows" and "piglets" made when smelting pig iron. In traditional iron smelting, liquid iron is poured into a mold shaped like one long line with many smaller lines branching off of it at right angles. This looks similar to piglets feeding from their mother, so these pieces became known as pigs. After the pigs are poured into the sand, they cool, causing the surrounding air to reach its dew point and turn into moisture on the pigs, like they are sweating. When the pig is sweating, it's cool enough to be moved.

Do pigs sweat?

No. Pigs do have sweat glands but they do not function like a human's does. They can release a little water and heat through passive diffusion, but it is not enough for the pi

Can a pig sweat?

Pigs can not sweat because they have no sweat glands. They roll around in the mud to cool their skins.

Where does the phrase when pigs fly come from?

The phrase "when pigs fly" means that whatever the subject is they are saying it is impossible. Example: "Do you think humans will train monkeys to talk?" "When pigs fly

Why is it to sweat like a pig?

Pigs sweat but not the way humans do. Pigs do not have eccrine sweat glands which are used for temperature regulation in humans through watery evaporative coolness. Pigs have

What is the origin of Sweating like a stuck pig?

Well...it isn't sweating like a stuck pig...the saying is "Bleeding like a stuck pig"......a stuck pig has been stabbed with a knife or another sharp object.

What does 'sweating like a pig' mean?

It means sweating a lot. Answer: The expression is meant to imply that pigs sweat a lot, but do they? This is an example of a "factoid" a statement that appears to reveal

How do pigs sweat?

pigs do not sweat but they roll in the nudd to keep them cool

What is the origin of sweating like a pig?

Well i don't know where it originated, but i guess when people think of pigs they think they are dirty, sloppy, and gross. So sweat is gross so i guess they think that when th

Where did the phrase pig iron come from?

Pig iron was originally used in neo-bronze age in the production of tools and weapons. It involved the smelting of iron ore with the hypolectatic acid found in pig hooves. The

Why do pigs not sweat?

They have no sweat glands and therefore cannot sweat. Why this is so is not entirely clear. It is probably a trait that was slowly filtered out genetically over time to redu
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Why do people say sweating like a pig?

Sweating like a Pig" to denote sweating profusely. This sounds illogical, as pigs have ineffective sweat glands, but the term is allegedly derived from the iron smelting proce

What does sweat like a pig mean and why?

pigs sweat a lot because they have a lot of fat That is completely incorrect. Pigs do not sweat like humans, or pant, like a dog. They have small glands in their legs. This