Where did the word french exit originate from?

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"French Exit" is merely a British equivalent of what is known in some places (mostly coastal cities in the northeast of the US) as the "Irish Goodbye." It describes a situation where someone covertly leaves a party/event/etc.. without saying goodbye. The French themselves call that "filer à l'anglaise" (to leave the English way)
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What is the origin of the word french fries?

'Frenching' is actually the technique of cutting something into long strips rather than a description of where Fries originate. So the are "french" fries, referring to the sty

What do the French call a French exit?

The French call a French exit "filer a l'anglaise.". It's interesting because it simply turns the expression around. Literally, it's something like "to do an English hurry."

What is a French word that originated in English?

One example would be le bifteck , from English "beefsteak". (In its turn, "beef" is originally from French boeuf .) Others: le smoking (smoking jacket), le shampooing

English words of french origin?

Many words that are in the English dictionary are from the French. The French are the reason that we have two words. The word veal comes from the word veau in french. The wo

How do you say - This will exit the program - in French?

"This will exit the program" could be literally translated as Ceci terminera le programme. Depending on context, it might be more natural to say "cela" or "ça" instea

What percent of English word have french origin?

I cannot give the percentage but it is why children have trouble learning to read and spell. We teach all the English rules and we SHOULD teach the French rules along with the
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What is French for exiting?

Exiting = sortir If you mean exciting: excitant (but it can be meant in a sexual way)
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What is the original french meaning for the word barbecue?

Barbecue isn't a French word, but one imported from English with the same meaning. Another French word which has probably the same origin (Hispano-American barbacoa ) is 'bar
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What is the origin of the word 'french fries'?

It comes from the "steak-frites" (beef steak and fried) lunch meal, which is, or rather was, one of the most frequent in restaurants for a quick lunch. Fries were thus deemed