Where do you download clubpenguin money maker for free?

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you can get that thing on youtube and if you would like to use this penguin here it is:
PASSWORD:i like you
if not then try:ilikreyou
hes band forever on club penguin dont tyr i tryed and hes band forever
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How can people download clubpenguin money maker version 2.0?

i found it in under an hour http://www.filetransit.com/download.php?id=69598 it didn't work for me but i have a newer version of windows so that might have affected it it would download but not start i hope it works for u and sorry if it doesn't

Money maker on clubpenguin?

just send your e-mail address to l i a m o l i e @ g m a i l . c o m and i will provide a free copy. Note: no spaces in e-mail adress

What is the Clubpenguin money maker?

Club Penguin Moneymaker is basicly a moneymaker!! You type in an amount of money, your penguin name and password, and there you have it! money! But you have to be logged out. you have to download it. just type in cp moneymaker on google and search. there should be websites that let you download it. (MORE)

What is Clubpenguin money maker?

club penguin money maker gives you money on penguin to buy things. some people say it gives your computer viruses some do but not all so be very careful.a website is www.clubpenguinmm.com it dose not give your computer viruses or ban ur account

What website is clubpenguin money maker?

Club Penguin Money Maker 3 is the most secure way of getting coins, if used correctly. Non members should never have over 50 thousand coins and members should never have over 100 thousand. Hope it works! (send an e-mail to liamolie @ gmail . com and i will give it to you)

Where to download the Fantage money maker for free?

u have to suscribe on youtube about that website and that akon guy will send it to u by message and idk wat the URL is but i think akon has a website all about it CaliforniaGurl101: you can get it at ptf.com/ fantage / fantage + money + maker