Where do you find the serpentine belt routing diagram for a 1995 Dodge Caravan?

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You'll need to go to your local car parts dealer and ask them for a printout for your serpentine belt route. You'll need to know the year and type of car you have. Also, you'll need to know the size of your engine. New Answer Headline I just changed mine on a 96 Caravan 3.8L. The diagram was on the flat painted area between the radiator and grill, facing up.
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How do you put a serpentine belt on a 1995 Dodge Caravan 3.0 engine?

locate the "tensioner" pulley, on the schematic that is under your hood, on top of the radiator. Then place a socket on the bolt head in the middle of that pulley, and with a breaker bar, pull the entire pulley towards the front of the van, releasing the tension, and letting the belt slip off easily (MORE)

Where can you find an illustration - diagram for serpentine belt routing on a Mercury Sable?

There 'should' be a diagram sticker somewhere inside the engine compartment. - free online diagrams Dayco.com offers a free online comprehensive serpentine belt reference tool - including routing diagrams and tensioner information. See "Related Links" below Installation notes: NOTE: S (MORE)

Where can you find a routing diagram for a Chevy G20 serpentine belt?

serpentine belt routing It is usually marked on the radiator shroud and shows a diagram if not there check another vehicle with the serpentine belt diagram or go to you local library and ask to check a chilton manual on Chevy 305/350 Wayne Also, a good online resource with schematics is the AutoZ (MORE)

Where can you find the online diagram of the route of a serpentine belt for a Dodge 4.7L truck engine?

you don't need one. look at your old belt before you take it off, or look at the pulleys. the ones with a smooth surface get the back of the belt, the ones that are ribbed get the ribbed part of the belt. Answer You're gonna hate me for this. You don't. Auto manufacturers are fighting to keep some (MORE)

How do you change the serpentine belt on a Dodge Caravan?

What you need is a ratchet 15mm socket. Losen the idler then slide off the serpentine belt off. There should be a diagram for routing the belt if not draw a diagram before removing it. Replace the serpentine belt crank it 2 or 3 times but don't start the engine. The 4th time start the engine this ti (MORE)

Where can you find an online diagram for serpentine belt routing for any vehicle?

Free online diagrams can be found at Dayco.com. They offer a freeonline comprehensive serpentine belt reference tool - includingrouting diagrams and tensioner information. Visit scribd.com/doc/28287331/Dayco-Serpentine-Belt-Guide. Somewhere under the hood, usually on the fan shroud or near theradi (MORE)

Diagram 1995 dodge caravan 3.0 drive belt?

Answer . if you have this or know of a link please email me grabitnow@hushmail.com \I have a manual but it doesnt show this one there is a tensioner as well as idler it has a/c . and if you could post the diagram here because not every one wants to email some one just to get an answer :)

Diagram needed on a serpentine belt for a 1992 dodge Caravan?

When you get your new belt, ask the sales people to print the diagram for you. Most of the stores have access (such as AutoZone). I just rerplaced mine with my son and it wasn't bad at all (end at the belt tensioner). Other than that, have fun!

Where to find serpentine belt routing diagram for Windstar?

Under-the-Hood The first place to look is somewhere in the engine compartment: . front, passenger side . on top of the radiator housing . On the passenger side shock tower . On the bottom side of the hood - look up . on the plastic panel above the radiator. There should be othe (MORE)

Where can you find a diagram of serpentine belt for 1999 Dodge Dakota?

Is the diagram on radiator support gone? Try an auto parts store they may have one a dealer will have one. Or do like I do. The back side (smooth side) of the belt will always go on a smooth pulley & ribbed will go on groved pulleys. Mark on a PC of paper the position on each pulley & which are groo (MORE)

How do you replace the serpentine belt on 3.3L 1995 dodge grand caravan?

First raise vehicle be sure to use jack stands to support vehicle if a hoist isn't available!!Remove right front splash shield (passenger side). BEFORE you release tension on the belt by rotating the tensioner clockwise( look at the belt routing) Write it down.Example:Start at tensioner,belt goes ov (MORE)

What is the serpentine belt routing diagram?

Assuming you have a 91 to 02 LX with AC, power steering and alternator the belt starting with the tensioner on top then it goes clockwise to the alternator, power steering, idler pulley, A/C, crankshaft pulley---------back to the tensioner.