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Where does the tooth fairy get the money she leaves?

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Well she saves her money so she can give it out. Or maybe she gets paid by the International Tooth fairy association.
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Do tooth fairy come and get your tooth?

The tooth fairy is real and she does exist. She comes when you are  sleeping, she takes your tooth, gives you money. Parents do NOT  trick you and put money under there just

How can you get to write a tooth fairy note to the tooth fairy?

When you lose a tooth, write a note to the tooth fairy and put it under your pillow or with your tooth. By morning, your tooth will be gone, money or a little gift could be th

Why did the tooth fairy not take your tooth?

Because you did not put it in the propper place under your pillow! try again and ask your parents to call the tooth fairy so she knows you have lost a tooth! Good Luck!

What is the tooth fairy?

The tooth fairy is the concept of a fairy which gives a child a  gift in exchange for a tooth that has come out. A child typically  leaves the tooth under their pillow for t

My child wants to keep her tooth and leave a note for the tooth fairy. Should the tooth fairy leave her money?

Yes, of course, that is the whole purpose.   Well, the "Tooth Fairy's" job is to take the tooth from under the pillow and leave a gift, it can be money or whatever she woul