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Where in the United States do we use the most hydroelectric power?

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we use the most hydroelectric power in kansas
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What uses Hydroelectric power?

Hydroelectric power plants. They have dams and generators. Water flows through a dam, which spins generators that produce hydroelectric electricity. (Fun Fact: The Hoover Dam

What is the most powerful court of the United States?

It is the most powerful court when dealing with federal questions (federal laws or constitutional issues). However, the Supreme Court has no power to reverse state courts when

How often is hydroelectric power used?

Hydroelectric power is used all the time. It has been estimated that hydroelectric power is responsible for up to 20% of the worlds electricity. A large percent of this from C

Why aren't you using hydroelectric power?

Hydroelectric power requires a powerful, but controlled, flow of water. That automatically means a dam on a large river. Pretty much everywhere in my country (USA) that that c