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Where in the United States do we use the most hydroelectric power?

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we use the most hydroelectric power in kansas
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Why don't we use hydroelectric power more often?

Hydroelectric energy is very efficient, yes? well the reason we dont use it more than we do is because hydroelectric isnt all good for the environment, or the economy. Storag

How much energy is currently produced using hydroelectric power?

Answer hydroelectric power now supplies about 715000MWe of world electricity.   the amount of energy a hydropower plant produces depends on two factors: 1-how far the

What are the good uses about hydroelectric power?

Hydro electricity is good because water is all around us. This means that we do not need to change the entire landscape dramatically. Next we have the fact that it is cheaper

Why is hydroelectric power rarely used in the Caribbean?

im not sure about hte entire caribbean but in guyana hydroelectric power is not YET being used due to the fact that the area in which the source (amelia falls) is located is a