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Located in the South Caucasus, located partially in Eastern Europe and partially in Western Asia. It is bounded by the Caspian Sea to the east, Russia to the north, Georgia to the west and northwest, Armenia to the southwest, and Iran to the south. The Azerbaijani exclave of Nakhchivan is bordered by Armenia to the north and east, Iran to the south and southwest, and Turkey to the west. The country's territory also encompasses several islands in the Caspian Sea. (Wikipedia) For the source and more detailed information concerning your request, click on the related links section (Answers.com) indicated below this answer box.
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Why is Baku the capital of Azerbaijan?

Located on the southern shore of the Apsheron peninsula, Azerbaijan's capital was founded 1,500 years ago. The first written reference to Baku dates from 885, although archaeologists have found remains of a settlement predating by several centuries the birth of Christ. The city became important after an earthquake destroyed Shemakha and the of the 12th century and the Shirvanshah, Ahistan I, made Baku the new capital. There are a few theories about the origin of the name, the most widely known being that Baku comes from bad kube , meaning "city of winds".. The climate is sunny and arid, with gale-force winds that sweep through on occasion, caused by masses of polar air. Baku is located on the western shore of the Caspian Sea and is Azerbaijan's largest city, with wonderful beaches, spas and a striking setting on the salty Caspian Sea.. The basis of Baku's economy is petroleum . The existence of petroleum has been known since the 8th century. By the 15th century oil for lamps was obtained from surface wells. Commercial exploitation began in 1872, and by the beginning of the 20th century the Baku oil field was the largest in the world. Towards the end of the 20th century much of the land's petroleum had been exhausted, and drilling had extended into the sea. Baku ranks as one of the largest centres for the production of oil industry equipment. The World War II Battle of Stalingrad was fought to determine who would have control of the Baku oil fields. Fifty years before the battle, Baku supplied half of the world's oil production.. In recent years oil has made the city affluent again, but Baku is still a conservative place. You don't see many women covering their heads, but you'll notice many small revealing details e.g. ladies go to the toilet for a cigarette, couples don't kiss in public.... Today's Baku is really three cities rolled into one: the old town (icheri shekher), the boomtown and the Soviet-built town .. The centre of Baku is the old town , which is also a fortress. The walled city of Baku became in December 2000 the first location in Azerbaijan classified as world cultural site by UNESCO . Most of the walls and towers, strengthened after the Russian conquest in 1806, survive. This section is picturesque, with its maze of narrow alleys and ancient buildings. Wander the cobbled streets past the Palace of the Shirvanshahs, two caravansaraies (ancient inns), the 11th-century Maiden's Tower (nice view of the harbour), the baths and the Djuma Mosque (it used to house the exquisite Carpet and Applied Arts Museum, but now is a Mosque again... and by the way the carpets are now at the former V.I. Lenin museum). The old town also has dozens of small mosques , often without any particular sign to distinguish them from the next building.. The boomtown , south of the old city, was built after massive oil exploitation began nearly a century ago and has interesting beaux-arts architecture. Fine arts, history and literature museums are located there, all housed in the mansions of pre-Revolutionary millionaires.. Modern Baku, mainly a Soviet brain-child spreads out from the walls, its streets and buildings rising up hills that rim the Bay of Baku. The flow money brought by the oil industry in the 21st century changed the skyline, with numerous tall building of doubtful architecture and quality framing the city.. Greater Baku is divided into 11 districts and 48 townships. Among these are townships on islands in the bay and one island town built on stilts in the Caspian Sea, 100 kilometres from Baku proper (' Oil Rocks ').. If you have a the stamina, it is worth walking uphill to the Martyr's Cemetery, formerly the Kirov park (there is also a funicular, but it's often out of order, so you better take a taxi). This area is now dedicated to the memory of those who lost their lives during the war with Armenia and also to the 137 people who were killed on 19 & 20 January 1990 when Soviet tanks and troops took to the streets of Baku. Photographs of victims featured on each tomb-stone are sobering and poignant. Now 20 January has become a national holiday of deep emotional meaning.. Many expats working oil industry in the oil industry are to be found around Baku, but tourists are still a rare sight. The government has be busy campaigning abroad, but Baku and Azerbaijan are still not 'tourist ready'. However things are changing and Baku boasts its first tourism information center, at Hajibeyov St. 36, created with the support of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP).

Where is Azerbaijan located?

Azerbaijan straddles the border between Europe and Asia in the Caucasus region with an east coast on the Caspian Sea. It borders Russia to the north, Georgia and Armenia to the west, and Iran (proper) to the south. Azerbaijan was divided between the Russian Empire and the Persian Empire by the Treaty of Ghulistan in 1813. As such not all of Azerbaijan is inside the independent Republic of Azerbaijan (independent from Russia* since 1992). Currently Azerbaijan is divided between Iran and the Republic of Azerbaijan. The larger portion of Azerbaijan currently lies within the borders of Iran and this Iranian administered area is divided into thee provinces, namely; East Azerbaijan, West Azerbaijan and Ardabil. *Note - the Russian Empire was called the U.S.S.R. between about 1922 and 1992.

What continent is Azerbaijan found in?

Azerbaijan's main city, Baku is in the European Continent. However, about half of it is in Asia. Many consider Azerbaijan European cause of the culture, secular lifestyle, and education system that is similar to Eastern European countries. For example Azerbijan plays in Europeans Soccer Tournoments, it competes in Eurovision, is part of the European Customes (EC), and etc. Azerbaijan is located in East Asia. Some say it is in Europe, but it is geographically in Asia, some small portions of it may be in Europe, but the country is mostly Asian, for the fact it is a Muslim country, so it is really a transcontinental country. Azerbaijan and Georgia are both members of the Council of Europe and are regarded as "European countries" by the European Union; their embassies or officials and others have stated that they are in Europe, part of Europe, or partly in Europe. Europe and Asia are both on the same tectonic plate; Eurasia, either way it goes, Azerbaijan is located in Eurasia.

Is Azerbaijan a country in Europe?

Azerbaijan is situated in both Europe and Asia. It is the richest country in the Caucasus and one of the richest in the Former Soviet Union

Who is the President of Azerbaijan?

Ilham Aliyev is the President of Azerbaijan, having assumed office on 2003 October 31. He is currently serving his third 5-year term as President of Azerbaijan.

Who is the leader of azerbaijan?

The current president is Ilham Əliyev and the prime minister is Artur Rasizadə. I think you're looking for the president though.

What is azerbaijan famous for?

Azerbaijan is famous for being one of the oldest states in the world and the origin of the first Europeans. eg. Scandinavians were originally from the area that is now Azerbaijan.

What is the State capital of Azerbaijan?

Baku is the capital of Azerbaijan, as well as being the country'slargest city. It is nicknamed the City of Winds, and has apopulation of roughly 2,122,300 residents.

What animals are native to Azerbaijan?

97 sort mammallia ,357 sort bird,97 sort fish, more 15000 invertebrate animal Have in Azerbaijan.I can not say native but Characteristic animals of Azerbaijan :\nEastern Caucasian billy goat, Caucasian deer,\nCaucasian perches bear,toğlugötürən(not translate),golden eagle,Caucasian falcon,Caucasian tetra (not tanslate)... etc\nI gave only less information to you.

What languages are spoken in Azerbaijan?

Azerbaijani language is the main language of Azerbaijan Well...the national language is Azeri. But almost everyone prefersto speak Russian. Their language used to be called Turkish also but in 1937 the russians made-up the word azeri for their nationality and language. The Azerbaijan Turkish is practically the same with Eastern Anatolia Turkish but in schools we learn the Ä°stanbul accent so there are minor vocablary differences but still we can understand each other without translator. There is also Azerbaijan region in iran and many other regions who speak the same way as Azerbaijan Republic people and their number is around 30-40 million people and iran was ruled for 1.000 years by these people, not todays persians Azeri is the official language of Azerbaijan. Russian is very widely spoken. Younger people are starting to see the importance of English. Azeri is the official language of Azerbaijan. Russian is very widely spoken. Younger people are starting to see the importance of English. The official language is Azeri but since it used to part of the USSR many people speak russian as that was the official language up until 1991. Turkish is also spoken due to their close proximity and many similarities between Azeri and Turkish. Official langugage of Azerbaijan is azerbaijani. Azeri Azerbaijani

What is the neighboring country to the south of Azerbaijan?

The Republic of Azerbaijan's bordered on the south by Iran, to the southwest by the Republic of Armenia. It's separated into 71 divisions, of which one ka the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic only is bordered on the south by Iran. For Nakhchivan's separated on its east and north, from Azerbaijan, by Armenia.

What time is it in azerbaijan?

Time zone: UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) + 4 (but in the summer UTC + 5). For climate please read: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Climate_of_Azerbaijan

What is the history of the azerbaijan?

During Median and Persian rule, many Albanians adopted Zoroastrianism and then switched to Christianity prior to coming of Muslim Arabs and more important Muslim Turks. The Turkic tribes are believed to have arrived as small bands of ghazis whose conquests led to the Turkification of the population as largely native Caucasian and Iranian tribes adopted the Turkic language of the Oghuz and converted to Islam over a period of several hundred years. [1] After more than 80 years of colonization under the Russian empire in the Caucasus, the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic was established in 1918. The state was invaded by Soviet forces in 1920, and remained under Soviet rule until the collapse of the USSR in 1991.

Who discovered Azerbaijan?

The Soviet Union (USSR) formally defined Azerbaijan, and created the Azerbaijan SSR, which is the present day Azerbaijan. However Azerbaijan was always there.

Is Azerbaijan polluted?

It depends on the location. During the times that Azerbaijan was part of the Soviet Union (USSR) there were many chemical factories in Azerbaijan. The areas around some of these factories are polluted. but these days the government is cleaning up pretty fast. However, overall Azerbaijan has very clean air, and the outdoors is very beautiful. Particularly since the country is very mountainous, many of the mountains are clean and great for hiking and visit. Hiking along the Russian border is very nice.

What is azerbaijan like?

As I heard from my friend (he visited there last year), the capital is a very modern European style city. However most of the other cities are kept ancient and there's loads of places to visit. He also said that the people there are very hospitable. That's all I know.

Plant and animal life of Azerbaijan?

The plant and animal life of Azerbaijan is rich and diverse. Morethan 4,000 species of plants grow here, including many nativevarieties, as well as more than 1,200 types of animals and birds:bear, lynx, wolf, Caucasian goat, jeyran, deer, turaj, pheasants,flamingo, pelicans and countless others. White sturgeon, salmon, kutum, and stellate sturgeon are found inthe Caspian Sea and in the mouths of the rivers flowing into it.The climate is transitional, from temperate to sub-tropical. Theaverage temperature here in July ranges from +5�°C in Alpineregions to +27�°C in low-lying areas, and in January accordinglyfrom -10�°C to +3�°C. Precipitation varies from 200 mm inAbsheron to 1,200-1,700 mm in the Lankaran valley. Strong windsoccur very frequently, especially in autumn. Nigel: Basically a polar bear or 2.

What is the currency in azerbaijan?

Azerbaijani manat (100 gepik) Present (August 2013) coin and banknote values: . coins (1, 3, 5, 10, 20, 50 gepik) . banknotes (1, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 manat)

What is azerbaijan population?

Azerbaijan has been separated to different parts, 65% of it is located in Northwestern Iran with population of 30milion and 25% the country of Azerbaijan (population:9 million) and the rest inside Turkey, Georgia, Armenia, and Russia (5milion). Total population of Azerbaijanis is approximately 44milion.

What is azerbaijan known for?

Azerbaijan is known for its petrol, gas, good agricultural sector, strategical geographical position and very rich culture

What environmental problems plague Azerbaijan?

While under Soviet control the petroleum and chemical industries were not regulated. Now independent they are focusing on economic opportunity in the short term and are ignoring environmental warnings.

Who was the President of Azerbaijan in 2004?

Ilham Aliyev was the President of Azerbaijan in 2004, having assumed office on 2003 October 31. He is currently serving his second and final 5-year term as President of Azerbaijan.

Why visit Azerbaijan?

The European Singing competition, Eurovision, will be in Azerbaijan next year. You can go and join the show, party, and fun.

Why is Azerbaijan called the land of flames?

Azerbaijan is called "The Land of Fire" or "The Land of Eternal Flames" due to the fact that the ancient Persian religion, Zoroastrianism, was "big" there. Zoroaster, the prophet of the religion, was born in Azerbaijan, or as they called it Azarapadegan. Some say the origin of the name "Land of Eternal Flames" comes from the fact that natural gas would seep out from hills and the fire would essentially be eternal.

What stage of the demographic transition is Azerbaijan in?

It is in Stage 3 of the DTM. The reason for this is that The Crude Birth Rate is slightly higher than the Crude Death Rate. The NIR is not quite 0. like in stage 4 and the population is growth is not high as in stage 2. There is no country in stage 1, and this makes Azerbaijan stage 3.

Is azerbaijan in Asia or Europe?

Azerbaijan is in Southwestern Asia. The previous answer is incorrect. Azerbajan belongs to both Asia and Europe, there is no definite and concrete answer.

What is the achievement of azerbaijan?

When it was first formed in 1918, it was the first democratic and secular country in the Muslim world. Also, in the early 1900s, it produced the majority of the world's oil, and is still a big oil producer.

Is Azerbaijan in Greece?

No. Azerbaijan is a country in central Asia and partly in Europe.It is a long way from Greece and does not even share a border withit.

What splits azerbaijan?

The River Arax forms most of the border between the part of Azerbaijan which is independent (Republic of Azerbaijan) and the part which is part of Iran.

Was Azerbaijan an ancient civilization?

Yes...of course.....Azerbaijan has very ancient history andcivilization.Its history is of thousands of years 6-7.it is hasbeen proved by many Material evidence and the works of greathistorians.

Who are the enemies of Azerbaijan?

Biased Propaganda: Main enemy is themselves or radical Islam! TheHistory of much of Azerbaijan lands was originally Armenian landsand the Azeri's are Muslim Turks and as in any Muslim country theyalways push their agenda, to convert to Islam or be beheaded and orheavily punished thru barbaric Islamic acts and also not that isthat many ISIS train and come from Azerbaijan etc.. Armenia is aChristian nation with a very constant pressure from the radicalIslamic Azerbaijan and it's Islamic terrorist actions. . Actual Answer: Azerbaijan retains good or neutral relations with amajority of the world, even Israel (Which supplies them with arms).Azerbaijan's main enemy is Armenia, due to the contestedNagorno-Karabakh territory located within Azerbaijan (Armeniaclaims that it is an independent republic, while Azerbaijan claimsit as it's own territory). France and Iran are sometimes consideredenemies by the local population in Baku, but the governmentmaintains stable neutral relations with both. There are somedisputes with Iran over oil, but no territorial disputes..

Who was the President of Azerbaijan after Aliyev?

There is not yet a successor chosen for the current president IlhamAliyev. Ilham Aliyev was the President of Azerbaijan afterHeydar Aliyev. Heydar Aliyev was the President of Azerbaijanafter Abulfaz Aliyev (Elchibey). Ilham Alyev is the 4th President of Azerbaijan since 2003 October31, having been elected in the 2003, 2008, and 2013 elections. Heydar was the 3rd President of Azerbaijan from 1993 June 24 to2003 October 31. After Heydar's death due to heart failure, hisson, Ilham, became the 4th President.