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Where is LSD most used in United States?

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San francisco
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What is the most dangerous prison in the United States?

Answer:   Leavenworth was one of the worst prisons back in the day, the most dangerous prisoners now are sent to ADX in Colorado but they rarely have contact with other i

What in the United states does a tornado form most?

tornadoes form most commonly in tornado alley which includes kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Colorado, Louisiana, Arkansas, Missouri, Iowa, minnesota, South Dakota and wyoming. but t

What is the most popular sport in the United States?

Answer   THe united states most popular sport is Baseball because it is America's past time sport. Baseball Has been plkayed for more than 100 years.

What is the southern most state in the United States?

Hawaii is the southernmost state in all of the United States. However, Florida is the southernmost state on the continental US.
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Who uses LSD most?

  At it's conception, LSD was primarily used to be scientists, scholars, and intellectuals to study the illicit effects it has on human cognition. As time began to progr