Where is Slapout Alabama and why is it called that?

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It is a rural community located on Lake Jordan (pronounced locally as "Jerden") in Northwest Elmore County, AL, about 20 miles north of Montgomery. The official town name is Holtville but it is unofficially called Slapout.

According to the locals, it was evidently called Slapout in the early part of the 20th century, because the "sorry excuse for a general store" that was there in the 1920s was always " 'slapout' of everything". The owner would answer whenever someone asked for something he did not have, which apparently was often, "I'm slap out."

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Related information:
Many years ago when family and friends came to visit Slapout, they would often pass right by it because of its small size. It was described as being "SLAPOUT in the middle of nowhere". This later became a catch phase and a minor tourist attraction was to go to the local "Boys Store" that had T-shirts, bumper stickers, etc. for sale with the phrase on them.

Many folks who have lived nearby didn't even know where it was located until the past 10 or 15 years when popularity of this place and stories began to spread.

The source for this information is a founder of a motorcycle club. He assigned the clubs bottom rocker as "SLAPOUT" because "most bikers prefer to ride slapout in the middle of nowhere away from the stupid traffic". He himself grew up in this small community.
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