Where is Sudan?

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Sudan is in Northern Africa to the South of Egypt, West of Ethiopia, East of Chad, and Northeast of Uganda and Northwest of Kenya Sudan is located on the northern part of Africa. It boarders South Sudan, Ethiopia, Eritrea , Red Sea and Egypt.
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What is the Sudan?

Sudan is a country in North East Africa. It is the largest country by area on the African continent, although large parts of it are uninhabitable. It is also very cultral and

What are facts about Sudan?

· Sudan is the largest country in Africa. It borders nine countries - Egypt, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Democratic Republic of Congo, Central African Republic, Chad,
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Were the Sudans Christian?

Sudan is mostly Muslim. 70% muslim, 25% Animist, and 5% Christian.
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Why was Sudan divided into south Sudan and Sudan?

Because there was injustices ruling of the Country since 1956 Independent date coupled with the imposition of the Islamic Saria Law forced on the Chritian south and continueis
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Why is Sudan called Sudan?

The name derives from the Arabic bilad as-sudan or "the lands of the Blacks".