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What happened at Valley Forge?

This ANSWER is WRONG         Valley forge; is where Washington and his men, which were the  minutemen of the era, stayed for l    winter. it was

How did Valley Forge End?

  Washington and his army along with French soldiers marched south from New York to meet Lafayette. The two armies met. They surrounded Cornwallis and his British soldiers

Why was Valley Forge important?

It was inportant because after the hardships of Valley Forge, the  American army was stronger, prouder, and better trained. It is as  simpla as that.

Is Valley Forge haunted?

Yes, Valley Forge IS haunted. I live in Phoenixville, So I've heard alot about it. The phoenixille library is haunted as well, of a man and his dog who causes books to fall do

Why did soldiers die at Valley Forge?

Because they didn't had the supplies such as food and clothing. Also, there were illnesses such as smallpox. About 3,000 people died.

What was Valley Forge?

Valley Forge is located in Pennsylvania. It was the location where  George Washington and the Continental Army spent the winter of  1777-1778 during the American War for Ind

Who was involved in the battle of valley forge?

There was no battle at valley forge. the Continental army stoped there during the winter and trained. and they had very little supplies so the german and russian were involved

What was the Valley Forge battle about?

There was no battle at Valley Forge. Valley Forge was the winter camp of Washington's troops.

Why did Washington stay at Valley Forge?

Washington decided to move his troops to Valley Forge because it was near Philadelphia, where the Continental Congress met, and it was in a small Valley in which they would be

What was the date of the battle of Valley Forge?

there was no battle in Valley Forge. While the British were in Philadelphia the continental army was in Valley Forge for the winter. It was very cold and lots of them did not

Did Washington win at Valley Forge?

It was the winter camp, not a battle.It wasn't all war. Many went home to take care of the family farm. There were so many they were called "sunshine patriots". The colonies w