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Answer Its a country in the UK. It borders England. Capital city is Cardiff/Caerdydd.
Wales occupies the Western coast of Britain. Situated between England on the right and Ireland on the left
Its in the west of Britain (left hand side ) and is the area central protruding in to the Irish Sea
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Where are wales from?

Wales is a country to the west of England. It's kind of between England and Ireland.

Who are the wales?

They are a nation of people situated in the west of Britain and aredescended from Celts

Who is wale?

Wale is a rapper born in D.C. He mostly raps about real life things and bases his music on more of go-go type. He currently has 3 mixtapes and his first album coming out in No

What was wales called before wales?

Well , originally it wouldn't have had an English alternative (Wales) and would have always been Cymru (I think) In the same way , while England had complete power over us ,

How do you get to Wales?

That depends entirely on where you are... Plane, car, boat, train, bus, walk, cycle. Wales is a country that protrudes from the west of mid-England.

Where is Wales found?

Wales is found in the North West of Europe, West to England, East to Ireland. Hope this helps

Where about is wales?

Wales the country is just to the left of England. There is also a New South Wales in Australia and there are probably plenty more :D
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What about wales?

Wales as in the town Wales as in the Country or Whales as in the animal
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Where is Wales located in Australia?

New South Wales is located in South Eastern Australia. It is seated behind Queensland, South Australia, and Victoria. Wales is probably best known for its capital, Sydney.
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Where is Wales millennium center located?

The Wales Millenium Centre is located in Cardiff, Wales in the Cardiff Bay Area. The Centre is spread out over 4.7 acres. There are Two Phases to the Centre, with the Phase 1