Where is Wyoming?

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Cheyenne Wyoming: (capital city) latitude 41º 08' N, longitude104º 49' W
Wyoming is next to South Dakota, Nebraska, Colorado, Utah, Idaho, and Montana.
Wyoming is located in the western United States.
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Who were the founders of Wyoming?

The bill to create the new territory of Wyoming was introduced in1865. It was created by Representative J. M. Ashley of Ohio.

Who founded Wyoming?

No one person is credited with founding Wyoming. The federalgovernment established the Wyoming Territory on July 25, 1868. TheUnited States admitted Wyoming into the Union as

What is Wyoming?

Wyoming is a state in the United States that's located in the westand has large area. It has the smallest population of all thestates.

What is there to do in Wyoming?

hunting and fishing hiking, golf, kayaking, rodeos, skiing, whitewater rafting Visit Yellowstone National Park, Grand Teton National Park, Devils Tower National Monument

Where is Wyoming located on a map?

Wyoming is located in the western part of the United States. Statesthat surround Wyoming are Montana, South Dakota, Nebraska,Colorado, Utah, and Idaho.

How did Wyoming get its nickname Big Wyoming?

Wyoming is known as "Big Wyoming" or "Big Wonderful Wyoming" or "Wonderful Wyoming". All three are phrases used to promote Wyoming. The "Big" comes from the fact that Wyomin
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Where is Wyoming located?

Wyoming is located in the Rocky Mountain region of the northwestern United States. Wyoming is bordered by Montana on the north, South Dakota and Nebraska on the east, Color