Where is the fuse box in a 52 registrated astra?

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hi you should have a small glove box just to the right of the steering wheel, open this up you will see four quarter turn screw heads the best way to get at these is to remove the glove box,( to do this press both sides inwards it will drop down and out ) use a large screw driver or a two pence and turn to the left (i think ) you will then be able to see your fuse board.
Hope this helps Cheers Paul.
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Holden astra fuse box?

On the right hand side of the steering wheel (RHD) there is a pulldown compartment for holding stuff. The fuse box is there held inby 4 plastic screws.

Where is the fuse box in a astra 2003 cdti estate?

Hello,\nFrom what I know, the fuse box must be in the same position for every 98-05 astra. In the left-side steering wheel models, the fuse box is on the left, under the steer

Where is the fuse box in new shape astra?

Its in the boot on the left hand side - behind the flap where you change the bulbs, you may have to undo it with a screwdriver (2 plastic caps). if its the main fuse box yo

Where is the fuse box on v reg astra 1.6?

to the right and below steering wheel on driver side of car there is a drop down panel,behind is another panel (recessed) this has 4 quick release buttons(flat screwdriver req

Where is the fuse box on y reg vauxhall astra?

under the steering wheel there is a small enclosure which pulls open ideal for keeping sunglasses and small change inside the lid there are four screws each one requires a sma