Where is the hm surf on Pokemon Platinum?

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To get Surf on Pokemon Platinum, just when you exit the tall grass near the MooMoo Milk shop on route 210, you see a group of PSYDUCKS (duck like Pokemon) grouped together. Cynthia (a girl whom you meet on the way there) gives you a Secret potion in Valor Lakefront. Use it on the secret potionon the PSYDUCKS (the group of Pokemon) and they disappear. Cynthia gives you a Old Charm to give to her Grandma in Celestic Town. After facing 10-15 trainers, you arrive at Celestic town. I Reccomend you use the HM Defog, so the fog is clearer. Go fuel up your Pokemon at Poke Center, then go to The Celestic ruins. You will see Cynthia's grandma in the ruins and start to talk to her. Then Galactic Boss (Cyrus) walks in and battles you. After beating him, Cynthia's grandma speaks to you and gives you The HM Surf , giving you access to Canalave City. THATS HOW YOU GET THE HM SURF!

In Celestic Town you have to talk to the elder. A.K.A. Cynthia's Grandmother. She doesn't look special. She just looks like an old lady.
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How do you get the HM surf in pokemon ruby?

Hey. You should not be wasting your whole life on Pokemon. You will end up with a D.S. in some dudes basement, under a blanket, eating Cheetos. Time to grow up. That is for 5

How do you get the hm surf in Pokemon platinum?

HM surf is given to you by Cynthia's grandmother(The elder of celestic town) In order to get it you must: . Access celestic town. . Battle the team galactic guy blockin

Where is surf hm on Pokemon platinum?

The elder in Celestic Town. It's part of the plot (You need surf to get farther in the game, significantly), so it shouldn't be too hard.

Where to find hm surf in platinum?

Cynthia's Grandmother. She will tell you what badge is needed also. Kinda funny. I looked up the SAME question before... Hope that helps!;)

How do you get HM surf in Pokemon Emerald?

You will get the HM surf after beating the Norman then visit theWally's father he will give the HM Surf. In the house left of the gym of petalburg city, but you will firstneed

Where do you get HM surf Pokemon Gold?

In the building above the Pokemon center in ecruteak city.there will be a guy with a rhydon that knows surf..talk to him & he will tell you about the kimono girls (up on the s