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The origin of spoken language has stumped linguistics dating as far back as the Twenty-sixth dynasty in Egypt and the first recorded language experiment conducted by a Pharaoh named Psammetichus I.
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How did language started?

No one knows exactly how language first started. However, it is a  necessary tool for people and tribes to be able to communicate with  each other.

What foreign language starts with an a?

  # Abanyom (Bantu)  # Abaza (Northwest Caucasian)  # Abenaki (Algonquian)  # Abkhaz or Abkhazian (Northwest Caucasian)  # Abujmaria (Dravidian)  # Acehnese (Malayo-P

A language that starts with an a?

Abaza Abenaki Abkhaz Acrography Adunaroth Adyghe Afaan Oromo Afar Afrikaans Aghul Agıšá Aqami Argobba Ahom Ainu Ainu Nuye Ajan Akan Akhvakh Akkhara Muni Akkadian akSarAH A

Who started the filipino language?

Manuel L. Quezon , the president of the Commonwealth of the Philippines. He is also known as the "Father of the National Language".

What language did the word encode start in?

'Encode' is present in English, French and Greek etymology. Particularly the root word '-code' derives of old from the Greek language and refers to 'caudex' or book. The prefi

What year did Hindi language start?

It evolved gradually around 80BC with Iranain, and Central Asian languages as a backbone. However it was not until 1200 AD that Hindi Grammar began to be used.

How do you start a new language?

You can't :| You can, actually. get some friends together and organize your new language. This can be very fun since you can just change words around. You may want keep a key

What language term starts with j?

If you are asking for language names: Japanese Jaquela Jatapu Javanese Jawi Jèrriais (Jersey Norman French) Jingbu, Jtaszdasoten Judeo-Arabic Judeo-Spanish Juǀʼhoan Juhuri

When did body language start?

Truthfully, it started the first time two creatures came into contact with one another. It's the earliest language, and it's often the first language exchanged between and amo