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Where was CAD invented?

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Where is CAD used?

CAD is used by designers to design a product using a computer. The benefits of this is that the design can be shown to, and modified by, many people. It also allows them to se

Cad stand for?

Computer-Aided Designing

How is CAD operated?

CAD is operated through several commands that are learn through courses. And depending on which you desire to build different commands will be used such as pressing the tan ta

Why is CAD important?

look it up people because all you are trying to do is get the easy way out but nope you have to get the hard way out. thats the way life is so suck it up
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What does a CAD drafter do?

A CAD drafter does online work. They send files over the internet or by mail. They probably send files and work through online email. They do drafting work.