Where was the ancient Greece standium in Greece?

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There were many standiums in ancient Greece, not a single one..many of them exist today, such as Epidavrus,Panathinean Stadium in Athens and many more...
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What is Ancient Greece?

The many hundreds of Greek city-states which stretched from Spainand Africa to Asia Minor around the Mediterranean, Adriatic, Aegeanand Black Seas during the period 600 BCE to 500 CE.

Where was ancient greece located?

In generally the same locations as the modern country of Greece, inextreme SE Europe between Italy and Turkey, including many smallislands in the Aegean Sea. In ancient and Byzantine times AsiaMinor (modern Turkey) was also part of Greece which also had manycolonies in southern Italy.

What are quarries from Ancient Greece?

Quarries are "Mining" spots where the quarrier is searching for building materials (i.e. Marble). The most famous quarry was begun in the year 2000 b.c.

Ancient Greece holidays?

There were several holidays celebrated in Ancient Greece. A few ofthe holidays celebrated were Anthesteria, Pithoigia, and Chytroi.

Where was Ancient Greece?

Ancient Greece (Hellas as they called it) was distributed around the Mediterranean and Black Seas . It was not a country but hundreds of independent city-states which adopted Greek (Hellenic as they called it) culture. These cities were scattered around the coastlines and islands from Spain, sout (MORE)

How is modern Greece different to ancient Greece?

There are many, but I won't speculate! To begin with, AncientGreece's Olympic Games were only for men. Nowadays, that's nottrue, otherwise Shawn Johnson wouldn't be as well known :). Thepolitical structure is not the same anymore, either. You know thosepictures of Greece with the dome-shaped houses, (MORE)

Ancient Greece and ancient Rome?

Comparison of Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome . Ancient Greece and ancient Rome may be compared in many ways, including in terms of the position of women in society, geography and the ramifications of geographical differences, and government. Teleology is almost the same too. They also believe in (MORE)

Where is Ancient Greece?

The Greek (Hellenic) world was a large number of independent city-states which stretched from Massilia (now Marseilles) through Sicily, southern Italy, present Greece and the Aegean islands, Cyrenaica, Asia Minor and around the Black Sea.

What year was Ancient Greece ancient?

2000 B.C.E. There is no definite answer on this question. Although 2000 B.C.E.-1 C.E. can serve to you as a guideline it is severely generalized, of course. Ancient Greece is a modern term which serves to distinct between ancient, medieval and modern times, roughly.

How did the geography of ancient Greece affect transportation in ancient Greece?

In the days before engine-powered land vehicles and aircraft,waterways were the fastest and heaviest form of transportation. The Greek world comprised about 2,000 independent city-statesspread aroubd the littoral of the Mediterranean and Black Seas.These cities were there because sea transportation (MORE)

When and where was ancient Greece?

Classical Ancient Greece was in 500 BC and ancient Greece was in south Europe. There it was very mountainous and the most well known was mount Olympus. The Ancient Greeks believed in Gods and Goddesses. They also started the Olympic games. The past in the modern days is mainly thanks to Ancient Gree (MORE)

What did they do in the ancient Greece?

If you want to find out almost anything about Ancient Greece, go to the box next to answers, type in Ancient Greece, then press GO. Many facts about many topics on Ancient Greece will come up an hopefully you will find your answer in the text that it offers. There are many paragraphs of information (MORE)

Why is Greece ancient?

Ancient means very old and this Greek era was a very long time ago. That's two thousand and more years ago. A lot of times references to Greece are actually to ancient Greece. But, there is also Greece - as is modern Greece.

Where were the Ancient Greece?

they were in Greece today as separated city-states (countries) with one culture, then they spreaded their culture throughout the civilized world from India to Egypt including mesopotamia, turkey, Iran and other countries.

Compare ancient Greece and modern Greece?

There are many things that you can compare like the Greeklanguage and several dialects in various areas of Greece , theGreek mentality and culture also have many similarities withAncient Greece. . A great difference is that ancient Greece referred to a culture,not a country. The Greek world compris (MORE)

Modes of transportation for ancient Greece?

A ship was required transport inter-island and between the Peloponnese and mainland Europe. Her dependence upon sea vessels contributed to the development of Greece's naval excellence. On land, chariots, horses and mules were modes of transport. Horses were better suited to light travel and were sel (MORE)

What did King Philip of ancient Greece do?

King Philip II ruled Macedonia from 359 to 336 BC. He was born in Pella, the capital of the ancient Macedonian kingdom, as the youngest son of king Amyntas III. After his fathers death, Macedonia slowly disintegrated as his elder brothers and future kings Alexander II and Perdiccas III, unsuccessful (MORE)

Who was eligible to vote in Ancient Greece?

Very few people. No women, children or slaves. No 'barbarians'- foreign people. ----You had to be a citizen---- This leaves about 20% of the population (remember 50% of the pop. were women) .: not many people at all

How do you count in ancient Greece?

αʹ 1 ιʹ 10 ρʹ 100 βʹ 2 κʹ 20 σʹ 200 γʹ 3 λʹ 30 τʹ 300 δʹ 4 μʹ 40 υʹ 400 εʹ 5 νʹ 50 φʹ 500 στʹ 6 ξʹ 60 χʹ 600 ζʹ 7 οʹ 70 ψʹ 700 ηʹ 8 πʹ 80 Ï‰Ê (MORE)

In ancient Greece what were the cities in Athens?

Athens was a city-state, meaning it was *the* city in the area is governed. Ancient Greece wasn't a united area, but consisted of several city-states that controlled varying areas of what is now Greece. So Athens was the only city in it's area. .

Who were all of the enemies of ancient Greece?

Persia was a main one, but that's a difficult question, seeing as Greece was divided into many different City-States, and there were wars between them. Such as the Pellopenisian war between Athens and Sparta.

In Ancient Greece what was the capital of Attica?

Athens. However, it is worth noting that during the Era of Ancient Greece,the city-states were not united in anything other than localalliances. As a result, Athens was only the capital of the Atticaregion.

In ancient Greece what did they eat?

in ancient Greece the men were farmers, and they harvested crops, and they grew olives, figs and grapes. many people lived near the sea, so fish and seafood was popular. the females made their own wine for the families. people also knew how to make breads ou of wheat, and they kept goats and dairy c (MORE)

How do you do ancient Greece poptropica?

Of Mythology or Time Tangled, I am assuming you mean Time Tangled. Go to the Great Wall of China (six o'clock). Go right until you pick up gunpowder. Go to the Vikings (two o'clock). Go up to the cave. Click the rocks. Go inside the cave. You will need to get the golden vase. I have done it multiple (MORE)

What is ancient Greece history?

It is basically a time period in the history of Greece ususally dated from 776BC which was the first Olympics and the closing of the Platonic Academy in 529 AD

What do Ancient Greece and Modern Greece have in common?

Value ancient Greeks and "News". .... Dawn, 06/01/1962: "More than 150 scientists from the University and the Academy of Moscow have agreed wholeheartedly with the scientific view of Mr. Mars Poulianos underlined the seriousness of the work and not stingy on their expressions spoke verylaudatory w (MORE)

How is ancient Greece different to modern Greece?

First of all, modern Greece is a unified country under a single government. Ancient Greece ranged from democracies (Athens, Thebes) to oligarchies (Sparta) and monarchies (Thessaly, Epirus, Macedonia). Furthermore, ancient Greeks colonized lands that are now outside of Greek borders, such as souther (MORE)

Was Ancient Greece in Ancient Egypt?

No. The two terms refer to almost completely different regions and times, though the influence of what we call "Ancient Greece" certainly extended to portions of what had, at one time, been "Ancient Egypt." Greece was not located in ancient Egypt. It is in southwestern Europe, across the Mediterr (MORE)

How did the ancient Minoans get to ancient Greece?

The Minoans actually lived in ancient Greece, on an island called Crete. They were wiped out due to a volcanic eruption on a nearby island, which resulted in a huge tsunami that killed most of the Minoans. They were not considered Greek because they did not speak Greek. The first "true" Greeks were (MORE)

How does ancient Greece compare to Greece?

Ancient Greece had much less technology, and their democracy (direct democracy) is very different from the current Greek democracy. Also, Ancient Greece believed in Greek gods and that they caused natural disasters, while today Greece has scientific explanations for natural events. There are many ot (MORE)

Where are ancient Greece and ancient rome?

The city of ancient Rome is roughly where Rome is now, whereas the empire of Rome contained majority of europe and parts of asia minor and africa. It was massive. Modern day Greece has the same location as ancient Greece. The only difference being Ancient Greece contained parts of modern day Albania (MORE)

Why was ancient Greece called ancient?

The culture which we presently refer to as ancient Greece existed in the time period of between approximately 2000 and 3000 years ago. That is quite a long time ago, and hence, it qualifies as ancient.

Is ancient Greece and Greece the same?

Greece is a country existing from the 19 th centuryonwards. Ancient Greece is a phrase for all the cities-states inthe area where the Greek state is located today.