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Which Asian country is better in your opinon today economy wise China or japan please saty china it makes anime better then japan?

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Anime, by definition, comes from Japan.
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Why China and Japan have a strong economies?

China has the world's largest population (1.3 billion people), immense fuel and metal resources and 140 million hectares of agricultural land. Since the 1970's the government

Which country is a better vacation destination china or japan?

Both China and Japan make a great vacation destination, depending  on what an individual plans to do or see during there visit. China  is very affordable in price, while Jap

Is China better than japan?

Both are very different nations separated by ocean so an direct comparison is bound to be one sided. Furthermore, GDP is a dynamic thing and China's fast-growing economy can't

Which is better China or Japan?

If i were to answer this, i would say neither. They are both great in there own way. I would go china your both major morons. no offence but japan and china have their ups and

Which country is better china or japan?

japan is way beter because.... 1it is free 2and it is not a comunism 3they have photo and video booths 4they invented cell phone tikets and robot Olympics and stuff that's why