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Which GPS systems are used in Israel?

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There are no "local" differences in GPS receivers (unlike TV receivers, for example, with NTSC or PAL). The GPS system consist of about 2 dozen satellites that are positioned around the globe. Any GPS receiver will work in any given location, as long as the signal is accessible. Only mountain terrain - with deep valleys or certain downtown areas with high-rise buildings - may block out the signal in a few locations.
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What is a gps system?

GPS or Global Positioning System utilizes satellite technology to calculate your current position.

What is the GPS system?

You type in an address The GPS calculates the route Tells you how to get there giving you directions along the way Goes in your car wirelessly

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It is used to identify the persons location and to direct persons to other specific direction.

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I am more familiar with Garmin than Magellan but one thing is sure. If you bought the Magellan here in the states it definitely does not have pre-loaded map sets for Israel. Y

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Which part of the electromagnetic spectrum are used in a GPS system?

What signal does GPS use There are currently 27 global positions system (GPS) satellites in orbit around the earth. Of these, 24 are active and the other three act as backup