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Which builder uses a plumb line?

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Mainly bricklayers, but also anyone else that need to know if something is perfectly vertical in all planes (from all directions).
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What does 'plumb LBW' mean?

LBW means 'leg before wicket', a fairly common way of getting out in cricket; 'plumb' means the ball is straight down the line of the wicket with no doubt as to whether it wou

Plum or plumb?

A plum is a delicious fruit. Plumb refers to a wall that is straight up and down. It is 90 degrees from the ground. It does not lean, otherwise it is out of plumb. Plumbing re

Who is bob the builder?

Bob the Builder is a cartoon character who builds things with his talking trucks.

What measuring tools do builders use?

folding rule 8m tape(or longer) level Plumb-line Various forms of laser levels and distance measuring devices such as theodolites.

Why is a single cheek cut line for a jack rafter marked three quarters of an inch in front of the shortened plumb line?

Hip or valley jack? In a hip jack, the stock is shortened 1/2 the 45 degree thickness of the hip rafter (1-1/16" for dimensional lumber). Then, another plumb line is brought h