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Which builder uses a plumb line?

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Mainly bricklayers, but also anyone else that need to know if something is perfectly vertical in all planes (from all directions).
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How is the plumbing useful?

plumbing is most useful for our home, because we need to make water supply in different part of a home like kitchen, toilet, bathroom etc. To supply the water at required plac

What is a plumb-line?

A line used to predetermine the fall /pitch of the drainage or venting lines

What is plumb line test?

Plumb line test This is a quick visual check to see if the spine is straight. In scoliosis, the plumb line will fall to the left or right of the spine instead of through the m

What is the use of a plumb bob in plumbing?

The plumb bob is useful in establishing vertical for a wall in  construction or a doorjamb when hanging a door. It can indicate  whether a flue is running true vertical or v

How toGet greese out of plumbing lines?

I hope you are talking about drain lines, liquid plumber pro will work on grease. Drainbo is great for grease. Just go to lowes, not Home Depot. and look at all the drain cl

Did david use plumb line to measure moabites to kill?

II Samuel 8:2 is the account that you are referring to, but the mention of a plumb-line is not in this passage. The only passage in scripture that mentions a plumb-line is in

Why are you use plumbing?

Plumbing in simple word we can say , it is used to prevent leakages  in pipe or sink, wash basins, Shower.It is performing very high  task in Building maintenance and avoid

Who invented the plumb line?

It is not known who invented the plumb-line or plumb-bob; there is evidence that it has been in use since biblical times and archaeologists haveÊunearthed what they think are